4-Day trekking Adventure, Muang Khong Valley

4 days
T2 trails
Distance: 10 - 15 km / 6 - 9 mi per day
250 - 500 m / 820 - 1640 ft ascent per day

> Go bamboo rafting and do some fishing along the way
> Spend a night at a Treehouse Homestay
> Get to know the local culture and try traditional dishes!

On this 4-day trek, you will be able to get to know the Karen Hill Tribes and get to know their way of life and customs. During this trek, you will not only be hiking through the rainforest, but you will also be doing bamboo rafting along the Mae Tang river. Along the way you will visit different Hill tribes, you will walk within caves and you will try traditional Thai dishes prepared by your hosts and guide. Spend the night at a Treehouse Homestay, get deep into the jungle, and discover the hidden Thai culture!



Mae Mae village

We will pick you up between 7.30 - 8.00 am from your hotel and drive for 2 hours to the Pha Daeng National Park. Along the way, we'll make a stop at the local market to procure supplies.

We will commence a 20-minute hike to a quaint waterfall where you can choose to take a refreshing swim. Our journey will then lead us through the lush rainforest jungle skirting the mountain. This trek will span roughly 4 to 5 hours, with a lunch break in between on the trail. By evening, we'll reach Mae Mae village, your abode for the night at a unique treehouse homestay. To culminate the day, relish a local dinner and be enthralled by the traditional dance performances by local children. These performances, a highlight of the region, are scheduled on some nights, notably Saturdays and Sundays.

Mae Mae village


Mae Mae village - Muang Khong

Today, we'll begin our day with a hearty breakfast. Once we're reenergized, it will be time to depart. Our destination is the Muang Khong Village. We'll traverse over the mountain for approximately 2 and a half hours to reach the serene Muang Khong valley. Midway, we'll halt at a vantage point in the Lisu Village, giving you a chance to admire the breathtaking view.

Upon our arrival in Muang Khong, a delightful lunch will await you. Post lunch, we'll drive to the starting point of our next adventure: a walk ranging from 30 minutes to an hour (depending on your walking speed) leading to the cave nestled within the national park. The subsequent hike, spanning 2 and a half hours, takes us deep into this expansive cave. There are no confining passageways, yet there are sections that require climbing. This end-to-end cave exploration promises a truly enchanting experience.

Having explored the cave's wonders, a 1 and a half hour walk will lead us back to our vehicle. We'll then journey to our evening's resting place—a homestay in Muang Khong. Here, immerse yourself in the tranquil beauty of Muang Khong, complemented by a heartwarming dinner prepared by your gracious hosts.

Muang Khong


Muang Khong - Bann Phakowlham

Begin your day by waking up to the serene surroundings and savoring a hearty breakfast. Our adventure today takes a unique turn as we depart from the village, setting out on a bamboo raft, gently navigating down the river towards a Karen village. This picturesque journey along the Mae Tang river will span approximately 6-8 hours. Along the journey, we'll take a pause to relish a lunch prepared by the riverbank. Our menu comprises noodles and fresh fruits, uniquely cooked within bamboo stalks. The scenic beauty of bamboo rafting along the river is complemented by some engaging fishing activities.

Our destination, Bann Phakowlham, is a village belonging to the Karen hill tribe. Here, immerse yourself in the raw beauty of the rainforest. You'll be accommodated within a family home, offering you a firsthand experience of authentic rural life within the hill-tribe village. As evening dawns, join your guide in the kitchen, where you'll contribute to preparing a sumptuous Thai dinner, getting a taste of both the cuisine and the culture.

Bann Phakowlham

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  • Transfers

    All necessary transfers (bus, taxi, private transport, etc.) as described in the itinerary are included.

  • Homestay in villages

    In the villages you will experience you will experience a typical homestay, where you will get to meet the locals and learn from their way of life.

  • Meals

    This trek includes breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

  • Professional guide

    During your trek, you will at all times be accompanied by an English speaking guide.

  • Permits

    The cost of permits to enter the national park during your trek is included in the price.

  • Activities in Muang Khong Valley

    During the trek, you will visit a waterfall, walk within a cave and do bamboo rafting. These activities are included in the price of the trek.


  • Traveling to and from

    This trip does not include costs for transportation (flights, bus travel, etc.) to your destination.

  • Tipping

    Gratuities for the guide are not covered by the trek's price. The amount to tip is at your discretion, yet if you've received excellent service from your guide, considering a generous tip is appreciated.

  • Travel Insurance

    Your international travel insurance is your own responsibility. It is important that your travel insurance also covers adventures at a high altitude. Discuss your itinerary with the insurance company before your trek.

  • Accommodation before and after the trek

    Before and after the trek you have to take care of your own accommodation.

  • Personal expenses

    Personal expenses such as souvenirs, drinks at the bar and other similar expenses are your own responsibility.


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