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Elbrus Summit, Southern Route

Mountain Territory - 9 days

  • Elbrus Summit, Southern Route
  • 9 days / 8 nights
  • Max. group: 10 Persons
  • Difficulty: Medium
What's Included
Packing List
Mountain Territory
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> Spend your nights in huts
> Cable cars carry all your equipment
> Conquer the highest peak in Europe

Climbing Mount Elbrus from the south is the most popular choice among climbers who are looking for a challenge. Annually, thousands of people from around the world reach its top. The infrastructure, the availability of well-maintained huts, hotels, and cable cars makes climbing Mount Elbrus from the south accessible to any person. In addition, modern equipment and machinery help the climber. Moreover, the experience of local rescue services and Mountain Territory guides provide a safe environment during the ascent.

The cost of the climb includes all the necessary services, except for lunches and dinners in the days of residence "below", on the Cheget medow. The area of the hotel "Snow Leopard" offers many cafes / restaurants with local cuisine. Our guides will give you recommendations on this matter.

Climb the highest peak of Europe, the western peak of Elbrus, at 5642 meters above sea level from the southern side with Mountain Territory.


What's the plan?

Day 1:

Meeting at the airport of Mineralnye Vody. Transfer to the Elbrus region, departure from the airport at 14:00. Check-in at the hotel, Cheget medow (2100 m above sea level), where you will meey the guide. Briefing. Easy walk around the neighborhood. Overnight at the "Snow Leopard" hotel.

Distance (transfer):180 km                                     
Time on route (transfer): 3 hours
Meals included: 0

Day 2: Acclimatization, ascent at 3100 m.

Today we will climb to the waterfalls of the Maiden Spit and the observatory of the RAS (3100 m). We will then return to the hotel where we will check and select the equipment. Missing equipment is available for rent. Overnight at the hotel.

Pedestrian acclimatization trek, drop: 1000 m
Time of ascent/descent: 6 hours
Included meals: breakfast, lunch-snack.

Day 3: Acclimatization trek, ascent at 4200 m.

At 9:00 the group will take the cable car to the upper station "Gara-Bashi" (3,750 m). All the necessary things, personal and public, are also delivered on the lift.

We will spend the night in the upper hut at 3800 m. The next days will be spent here.

After allocating in the hut and a light snack, an acclimatization ascent to the Shelter 11 (4200 m) will take place. During this trek you will be instructed on how to walk on the snow, moving in crampons, working with a rope, using an ice ax.

During snow activities, the guide will share his experience with you and teach you how to walk properly. This is a special technique that will help you save up to 20% of energy!

Transfer from the hotel to Azau (the lower station of the cableway): 15 minutes (car)

Ride on the cable car, drop: 1100 m
Pedestrian acclimatization trek, drop: 400 m
Included meals: breakfast, lunch-snack, dinner.

Day 4:  Acclimatization exit/ascent at 4800 m.

Morning exit to the Pastukhov Rocks, up to a mark of at least 4800 m. Lunch - lunch box. Descent, discussion of safety issues in the mountains. Dinner. Night in the hut at 3800 m.

Pedestrian acclimatization trek, drop: 1000 m
Time of ascent and descent: 6-7 hours
Included meals: breakfast, lunch-snack, dinner.

Day 5: Day for rest. An easy walk around the hut is recommended.

Early ”lights out”, will make our attempt to the top tomorrow!

Included meals: breakfast, lunch, dinner.

Day 6: Day of the ascent. Early wake up and light breakfast.

Two possible tactics of assault:

  1. Ordering a Snowcat to climb from the upper hut (3800 m) to the top point of Pastukhov Rocks (4700 m), then we go on on foot. This tactic can significantly save time, effort and increase the chances of success. Rent of a snowmobile with a capacity of 8-10 people is paid separately. Departure at 3:00 am.

  2. We can also make an attempt to climb on foot from the top of the hut (3800 m), at no extra charge. The climb is carried out by a mini-group (at least 3 people), accompanied by a second guide. The departure time for this route is at 0:00, 4 hours before the main group.

For the strongest ones, our company proposes climbing BOTH of the volcano's tops, to the West and East of Elbrus on the assault Day. The decision must be informed before the assault day, but only the leader-guide of the group makes the decision about your participation in the double ascent. The final decision is taken at the top of West Elbrus depending on:

-Your health;
-States of other members of the group;
-Weather conditions.

The double ascent is made through a saddle (5300 m) and is accompanied by a leader-guide. It is carried out on the condition of reaching the Western peak before 10:00 by the whole group. Participants not admitted to complete the double ascent will descend from the Western peak to the upper hut at 3800 m with the second (third) guide.

- Additional cost for both summits climbing is 200 EUR/ 225 USD per person

Important! Because of safety reasons, from 14:00 the movement of all participants is carried out only downhill.

Dinner. We will spend the night in the upper hut, at 3800 m.

Ascent with snow groomer, drop: 900 m.
Gaining of altitude on foot (for those ascending with the snow groomer at 4700m): 940.
Gaining of altitude (in case of ascent on foot from 3800m): 1841.
Included meals: breakfast, lunch-snack, dinner.

Day 7: Extra Day.

If weather is unfavorable on Day 6, this day is used as a backup for the ascent. We will spend the night in the upper hut at 3800 m.

Included meals: breakfast, lunch-snack, dinner.

Day 8*: Descent from the upper hut at 3800m (by cable car) and transfer to the hotel.

Benefits of civilization: shower/bath, cafe/restaurant, and recreation! Certificates will be handed in at during dinner. Night at the hotel, Cheget medow.

Included meals: breakfast.

Day 9: Transfer to the airport. Flight home.

The group transfer is at 13:00.

Included meals: breakfast.

* Day 8 can, if the guide decides, be used as an additional day in case of bad weather in Days 6-7. In this case, climbing to the top takes place on Day 8, and descent from the upper hut at 3800 m is carried out in the morning on Day 9.

In case of a successful ascent on Day 6, you can go down from the upper hut at 3800 on Day 7. In this case, we will provide you with an extra night in the hotel for an additional fee. On Day 8 you can go horseback riding, make an excursion to the famous Chegem waterfalls, or go fishing. 

What's Included


√ Pick up and transfer to and from the airport
Your trekking company is able to pick you up from the airport of Mineralnye Vody and drive you back after the trekking. 

√ Transport
The local transfers to the Snow Leopard Hotel and back are included.

√ Accommodation during the trek
While trekking in the mountain, you will spend your nights in the Snow Leopard hotel, in Cheget meadow, and in the upper hut, at 3800m.

√ English speaking guide 
An English-speaking Mountain Territory guide will accompany you during the entire program. On the day of the assault, there will be 1 guide per every 3 trekkers.

√ Meals
The meals detailed in the itinerary are included. Food will be provided while on the mountain, in the hut at 3800 m.

√ Tickets
The tickets for the National Park and for the Cable Car are included in the price of the trek.

√ Equipment
Common equipment such as ropes, ice screws, braces, GPS navigators, and radio stations are included in the trek.

√ Certificate of ascent
on the last night of the tour, your trekking guide will hand in the certificates as proof that you conquered Mount Elbrus.

√ Voucher for a Tour
If you come down from the mountain earlier, you can choose to go
 horseback riding, an excursion to the famous Chegem waterfalls, or go fishing.


× Visa for Russia
To apply for a visa of the Russian Federation, our company provides you with a voucher for your travel, and you can apply for a visa with it.

× Flights to and from Russia

The total amount is also exclusive of flights to and from Russia. To get an idea of which airlines are flying in Mineralnye Vody Airport (MRV), have a look at the website.

× Accommodation before and after the trek
If you want to stay more days before and after the trek, you have to take care of your own accommodation.

× Personal expenses
All personal expenses such as drinks at the bar, snacks, washing and other similar expenses are for your own account.

× Travel Insurance Including Repatriation
Your international travel insurance is your own responsibility. It is important that your travel insurance also covers adventures at a high altitude. Discuss your itinerary with the insurance company before you travel to Russia.

× Meals while staying in the hotel
Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are not included on the days when you stay at the hotel. During those days you can either eat at the hotel or enjoy the great variety of restaurants and cafes in the area. The Banquet on the last day is not included either.

× Snowcat
The rent of a snowcat on the day of the ascent from the upper hut 3800 m. to the Pastukhov rocks (4600 m) is not included in the price of the trek. The cost of renting a snow groomer is of about 100 EUR/ 110 USD per person. The use of a snowcat on the night of the ascent significantly saves forces and time (about 4 hours of ascent), thereby increasing the chances of a successful ascent.

× Rental of equipment
The rental of personal equipment for the ascent is not included in the price of the trek.

× Sleeping bags
For the nights at the Mountain Hut, you will need to bring your own sleeping bag.

× Tipping
Tips for guides are exclusive. You decide what you want to tip, but be generous.



During the trek, you will spend your nights in a hotel and in a mountain hut:

Days 1, 2, 8:

You will spend the night at a hotel, located on the Cheget meadow, 15 min drive from the Azau meadow, where the lower station of the cable car is located. Double or triple occupancy. The rooms have TV, shower, toilet. There is a cafe/restaurant. Breakfast is included. At your request, for an additional fee, we will book you a superior room or suite. Single accommodation is also possible.

Days 3, 4, 5, 6, 7:

Mountain Hut at 3800 m. Rooms are for 8 people, in bunk-beds. There are mattresses and pillows available. It is necessary to have your own sleeping bag. The toilet is outside and there are no showers. We recommend you to take wet sanitary wipes. 


Packing List

Packing List

In order to make your preparations a bit easier, Mountain Territory has prepared a list of required equipment that you need to bring for your trek:

- 60+ liters’ backpack
- Sleeping bag for -5? (comfort temperature)
-Mattress (like thermarest)

- Thin thermal underwear, 1 set
- Warm thermal underwear, 1 set
- Softshell trousers (or any running or trekking ones)
- Storm pants with a membrane, for the rain and wind (hard shell). We recommend the pants with a side zipper
- Storm jacket with a membrane (hard shell), from rain, snow, and wind
- Spare underwear (a few sets)
- Shorts
- Shirt (Synthetic one is better since it dries out faster than cotton)

Warm clothes:
- Down / synthetics jacket with a hood for wearing at -20C
- Light synthetic insulated jacket, preferably with a hood for wearing at -5 C
- Fleece jacket (can also wear a sweater)
- Fleece pants

- Warm climbing socks, 2 pairs
- Thin trekking socks, 1-2 pairs
- Gaiters 

- Mittens up to -10C (for example, skiing ones)
- Gloves up to -5 C (fleece)

- Beanie wool/fleece
- Balaclava (you can also use a scarf or a buff)
- Cap/baseball cap

- Mountaineering boots, warm, double (leather or plastic)
- Sneakers
- Slippers

- Harness, self-anchoring, 2 carabiners
- Crampons 
- Telescopic hiking poles
- Ice ax 

- Headlamp 
- Skiing glasses (goggles) (in case of bad weather)
- Mountaineering glasses UV protection (It's best to take those that cover the eye area as much as possible. Protection Factor 4)
- poncho (rain protection)
- backpack rain cover
-Spoon, plate, cap
- Light waterproof bags for belongings, to keep dry on rainy days.



Where is Mount Elbrus?

Mount Elbrus is located in south-west Russia, in the border with Georgia. This impressive massif is actually a dormant volcano, part of the bigger massif, the Caucasus Mountain. Mount Elbrus is the 10th highest peak in the world and the highest peak in Europe. 

What options do I have?

Mount Elbrus can be conquered from 2 sides: the North and the South. Although the views and terrain are quite similar, there are significant differences between the 2. The southern route has mountain huts to sleep in and cable cars that carry your equipment. Moreover, you can even hire a snowcat to take you closer to the summit on the day of the final assault. While trekking the northern route, trekkers spend their nights in camping sites. However, this route has its advantages too: this trail is chosen by fewer trekkers and thus has had less human interference. Have you made up your mind already?

Best season

The months to get to the top of Mount Elbrus are April through to mid-September. The best time to climb Elbrus is from July to August, when the weather is more stable.

Daytime temperatures in summer in the lower areas range from +15 to +25 C, in spring and autumn from 0 to +15 C, and in winter from -5 to -25 C. At an altitude of 3800 m, in summertime, temperatures range between -5 and + 15C. At the top, there can be strong winds and temperatures can be as low as -10 °C to -20 °C.

Do I need a visa?

Well, it depends on where you come from. You might need a visa. If you do, our company will provide you with a voucher for your travel, which will allow you to apply for a visa from the Russian Federation.

When do I need to be in Russia for my trek?

You need to fly to the international airport of Mineralnye Vody, Russia, on the first day of the tour, before 13:40. At 14:00 we organize a group transfer to the hotel, in Cheget meadow, at 2100m above sea level. Return tickets must be booked for Day 9, after 18:00, since the group transfer from the hotel to Mineralnye Vody is organized at 13:00, arriving at the airport at 16:30.


Mountain Territory

Mountain Territory

Our company specializes in mountain climbing, freeriding, ski tours, mountaineering and everything related to the mountains.
Mountain Territory is a journey to the mountains, in different regions of the country and the world. Kamchatka, Kirghizia, Elbrus, Pamir, Caucasus Mountains. Mountain Territory is a team of professional travelers, climbers, skiers, and rescuers uniting people who love mountains and are open to adventures. Traveling, trekking, climbing, freeriding, skiing, and mountaineering are our passion and we are ready to share it with you!



Safety is of the outmost importance to us. That is why this is an area in which we simply do not compromise when it comes to keeping the cost of our trekkings low. Our guides have been selected on the basis of their technical competence, proven safety performance, impeccable judgment, friendly attitude and ability to provide useful and expert instructions. They are also very professional and well trained in first aid and personal protection equipment.

Our guides follow thoughtful and repeatedly verified climbing tactics. They are well trained to provide the trekkers with the preparation needed for the climb and professional counseling on the mountain. We independently insure all participants in a trusted insurance company.


How to book

How does it work?

On you can find and compare the adventures of your dreams. Is this trekking adventure your match? In that case, you can proceed to book. At you make a deposit of 15% of the total amount. You pay the remaining amount on location prior to the trek directly to the trekking company. uses only the safest payment methods. Once your booking has been received, your place is reserved, your place is safe and you can look forward to your chosen trekking.

After you have made your booking, you will receive an e-mail confirmation with all necessary information and the contact details of the trekking company. If you have any questions or if you want to clarify something, you can obtain information directly from the right person. Of course, you can also always ask us your question. Send us an e-mail on

The trekking company will also receive your details and can therefore always contact you and provide you with extra information.

Cancellation Policy

You wish you didn’t have to, but there is no other way: You find yourself having to cancel your plans. In this case, you lose your deposit, but since you haven’t paid the large sum yet, you at least save that. Please do let us know if you cannot make it. A no-show can be a small disaster for your trekking provider, who did its best to block your dates. View our complete cancellation policy here.

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