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Mt Kinabalu Via Ferrata

River Junkie - 2 days

    Regular days with
  • 0 - 10 km per day
Packing List
River Junkie
How to Book


> Climb Mount Kinabalu
> Take the risk and walk the Torq!
> Enjoy unique views while hanging from the Torq

At 3,521m a.s.l, this initiation route is perfect for the beginners. It is a leisurely 1.5 - 2.5 hour route, and a shorter commitment than the full Low’s Peak Circuit. If you feel that you want a little taste of the Via Ferrata experience but do not wish to spend too much energy on it (you still have to climb back down!), the Walk the Torq route is the best for you. The views are equally amazing and although some will find it too tame, the route will still have most peoples adrenaline pumping.


What's the plan?

To start our adventure, we will pick you up around 6:30 am in Kota Kinabalu (depending on accommodation and other guests) and proceed to Kinabalu Park, traversing the Crocker Range with panoramic views of the surrounding hills, and the majestic Mt Kinabalu. Upon arrival at Mt Kinabalu Park Headquarters (estimated 8:30-9:00 am), you will collect your packed lunch and proceed to register for your Mt Kinabalu summit climb and meet your guide for the trip. After registration, you will be transferred to Timpohon Gate (1,829m), from here you will begin your climb to Pendant Hut (3,289 m), your accommodation for the evening.On your way, you will walk through four different elevation zones with outstanding vegetation and mammals. Keep your eye out for the famous pitcher-plants or the cheeky Kinabalu Mountain shrews, endemic to Mount Kinabalu.The average time to get to Pendant Hut (Panar Laban) will take about 5 hours; this may vary depending on stops and your fitness level. Upon arrival, around 3pm, you will check into your accommodation for the evening and attend a mandatory via ferrata familiarization meeting conducted by the Mountain Torq Trainer between 3-4 pm. Rest before your buffet dinner at Laban Rata, where you can enjoy the sunset from above the clouds. Once you finish, you can head to bed for an early night’s sleep after a long day of climbing. Meals: Packed Lunch and Buffet Dinner

Note: Original Passport or IC are required for park registration. There is a mandatory Via Ferrata Familiarization meeting, you must arrive by 4:00pm

You will wake-up around 2:00 am to have a quick supper at Pendant Hut before continuing the climb to the summit of Mt Kinabalu (4095m). Your headtorch will guide you through the dark as you make your way to the top before sunrise. Reach Low’s Peak around the time the sun begins to make an appearance (weather dependent). Congratulations! You’ve successfully reached the highest point between the Himalayas and New Guinea, also the most prominent peak in S.E. Asia. You will then begin your descent with your guide to the meeting point for the Walk the Torq activity around 7:15 am, from Sayat Sayat Hut (3,668m). During this adventure you will complete various cabled activities while you enjoy the views of the Crocker Range plateaus, valleys and nearby villages. After the activity, you will join your guide back to Pendant hut to enjoy a well-deserved breakfast, before checking out and meeting with your guide to begin the descent back to Timpohon gate. Once you reach Timophon gate, you will meet our River Junkie driver, who will transfer you to Park Headquarters, where you can collect your certificate saying you’ve successfully conquered Mt Kinabalu (optional, RM 10 per certificate), and an optional Via Ferrata certificate. Depending on how long it takes you to arrive at Timpohon gate, there will be time to either have a sit-down lunch or get takeaway lunch (own arrangement) before departing to Kota Kinabalu. Arrival time into Kota Kinabalu varies depending on your walking speed, normally arrival time is between 4 - 7 pm. Meals: Early Supper, Breakfast

Note: Weather can be unpredictable, summit attempts are subject to weather conditions as safety is the primary goal.

Additional Requirements: Minimum 10 years old, weigh less than 100kg. At least 1.3 m high. No previous climbing experience is required.



√ Pick up and transfers
Your trekking company is able to pick you up from your hotel and return you after the trekking. During the trek, all transport is included (Kota Kinabalu – Park Headquarters – Timpohon Gate – Park Headquarters – Kota Kinabalu).

√ Accommodation during the trek
On our way to the top of Mount Kinabalu you will spend one night at Pendant Hut, in a shared dormitory.

√ Mountain guide
You will be accompanied at all times by one of our experienced guides. They are trained to keep you safe and to guide you throught the most beautiful views up to the top! You will also be joined by a Via Ferrata trainer.

√ Meals
All meals detailed in the itinerary are included. We will make sure that you get all the energy you need to make it to the top.

√ Permits
The climbing permit and the Mt Kinabalu Park entrance fees are included in the price of the trek.


× Malaysian tourism tax
International trekkers staying in private rooms will have to pay RM 10 per night due to the Malaysian tourism tax.

× Flights to and from Malaysia
The total amount is also exclusive of flights to and from Malaysia. To get an idea of which airlines are flying on Kota Kinabalu International Airport (KKIA), have a look at the website.

× Accommodation in Kota Kinabalu
Before and after the trek you have to take care of your own accommodation.

× Personal expenses
All personal expenses such as drinks at the bar, snacks, washing and other similar expenses are for your own account.

× Travel Insurance Including Repatriation
Your international travel insurance is your own responsibility. It is important that your travel insurance also covers adventures at a high altitude. Discuss your itinerary with the insurance company before you travel to Malaysia.

× Overtime Charges
Climbers who descend after 4 pm on the descending day will be charged RM 15 per hour per guide. This extra charge is to be paid directly to the guide.

× Tipping
Tips for guides are exclusive. You decide what you want to tip, but be benerous, they will appreciate it.



On your way to the top of Mount Kinabalu you will spend one night at Pendant Hut, in a shared dormitory. This cosy and eco-friendly hut houses guests in a dormitory-style setting. Form this hut you have easy access to Mountain Torq’s activities.



Safety is of the utmost importance to us. That is why this is an area in which we simply do not compromise when it comes to keeping the cost of our trekkings low. Our guides have been selected on the basis of their technical competence, proven safety performance, impeccable judgment, friendly attitude and ability to provide useful and expert instructions. They are also very professional and well trained in first aid and personal protection equipment. First aid kits are available on all treks. Furthermore, a park ranger will also be joining us during the trek, both for safety, and to share with us all the secrets of this magnificent area.

Packing List

Packing List

No matter where you are going. If you are trekking, you need to be prepared. River Junkies prepared a recommended packing list for you to take into account when packing for your adventure:

- Long Sleeve Shirts
- Rain Coat and or Wind Breaker
- Woolen Hat and Gloves
- Warm layers
- Extra socks
- Hat or sunglasses
- Change of clothes
- Suitable walking shoes (trainers or hiking boots)
- Drinking water 1.5-2L
- High energy snacks
- Basic first aid kit including:
- Paracetamol
- sun block
- plasters
- blister pads
- Tissue
- Torch light (head torch is best)
- Waterproof bag for electronics
- Walking stick or poles (you can rent these as well!)
- Money for snacks, certification or guide tips

River Junkie

River Junkie

River Junkie was established in 2008 as the sister company of Scuba Junkie and made our mark as a white water rafting company based in Kota Kinabalu. In the earlier years, we were sending groups rafting to both Padas and Kiulu River, and things were doing great! As time went on though, we decided to change our direction and focus on more varied trips so we could work with more fellow travellers.

Starting in 2015, River Junkie came back into full swing, looking to provide honest pricing and trips throughout all areas of Sabah. Most of the trips that we operate focuses on nature, trekking and eco-tourism. We have a small but dedicated office team ready to assist you throughout the booking process. They will go above and beyond to help answer questions promptly or adapt as much as possible to suit your travel needs. On the ground, we have trusted and passionate guides and drivers ready to provide quality service. In areas where we do not have our own guides, we work with lodges that we have tried and tested ourselves, as we only recommend what we know and enjoy! We continue to add and expand the products and locations we focus on, so we can provide new experiences each time you visit with us.


Frequently Asked Questions

Best Season
Luckily for those planning on trekking in Malasia, you can pretty much Visit Sabah at any time of year. Bear in mind that June to September can be hot. For those interested in climbin Mount Kinabalu, however, we recommend doing it during the dry season, in March and April, when you have higher chances of a clearer view. Anyhow, rain can occur any time of the year. The least recommended months are November and December because of monsoon season.

Although the summit can be attemped any time of the year, if the weather does not permit, Sabah Parks Authority will close the gate to the summit for safety reasons.

As the number of tourists wanting to climb Mount Kinabalu have increased over the recent years, to obtain the climbing permit is one of the more important things. You will not be able to climb the mountain if you do not have a climbing permit. 185 climb permits is the maximum daily limit issued per day by Sabah Parks for climbing Mount Kinabalu. Moreover, Sabah Parks issued a mandatory requirement that a fixed number of permits be reserved for the people of the State and Country: 10 permits for Sabahans only, 25 permits for Malaysians only, and 150 permits for Malaysian and/or International trekkers.

Tipping is not common practice in Malaysia and most people won’t expect it. However, it would be much appreciated by your guides. There is no fixed sum that you should follow, but for good service, tipping around MYR 25-30 per day for your guide would be about right. You could give a bit more if you are a larger group, they will appreciate it.

Is the trek to the top of Mount Kinabalu difficult? Am I fit enough to make it to the top? Well, the truth is that it depends on the trekker, always. The climb to the summit is not a hard climb, but it is by no means a walk in the park. Let's not forget that Mount Kinabalu is 4095 meters high, so altitude is a factor that must be take into account. Take it easy from the first steps, save your energy, don't rush, and most importantly: listen to your body. With all that being said, if you are relatively fit, you do sport every week and keep in shape, you should be able to reach the top without any problems.

How to Book

How does it work?

On you can find and compare the adventures of your dreams. Is this trekking adventure your match? In that case you can proceed to booking. In the case of Mount Kinabalu, we require the payment of the total amount of the price of the trek. In order to climb Mount Kinabalu, trekkers must acquire a permit issued by Sabah Parks. These permits are expensive and non-refundable, so the trekking companies need the total amount of the trek in order to secure your permit. uses only the safest payment methods. Once your booking has been received, your place is reserved, your place is safe and you can look forward to your chosen trekking. After you have made your booking, you will receive an e-mail confirmation with all necessary information and the contact details of the trekking company. If you have any questions or if you want to clarify something, you can obtain information directly from the right person. Of course, you can also always ask us your question. Send us an e-mail on The trekking company will also receive your details and can therefore always contact you and provide you with extra information.

Cancellation Policy

You wish you didn’t have to, but there is no other way: You find yourself having to cancel your plans. In the case of Mount Kinabalu, the sum is non-refundable. Please do let us know if you cannot make it. View our complete cancellation policy here.

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