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Pink Granite Coast Trek

Sentiers de France - 6 days

  • Pink Granite Coast Trek
  • 6 days / 5 nights
  • Max. group: 10 Persons
  • Difficulty: Easy
What's Included
Starting Point
Packing List
Trip Dossier
Sentiers de France
How to Book


> Emergency assistance during the whole trek
> Walk along the coastal line
> Spend your nights in 2-3 star hotels

This rugged coastline, which stretches from the Pointe de l’Arcouest to Trébeurden, is constituted almost entirely of the pink granite that inspired its name. Large rock formations spot the coastline. Time and harsh weather have taken their toll, eroding these rocks into unique forms, some resembling animals or everyday objects. Others balance on a hair and topple at the slightest brush of breath. On this wild and picturesque coast are located beaches and ports that delight vacationers. Several islands lie closely to the coast and are accessible at low tide. They have become sanctuaries for thousands of birds.

Important: All our walking holidays are available from March to the middle of November.

If you prefer to spend your nights in 3-4 star hotels, this trek is also available in a "Comfort" package. The price of the Comfort Package per person on double occupancy is EUR 1155,- and EUR 1740,- in a single room. If you are a solo trekker, the price of this Comfort Package trek is of EUR 1690,-.



What's the plan?

Day 1 - Arrival at PERROS GUIREC.
This seaside resort offers to the visitor a unique natural beauty of strange and grandiose landscapes, with pink granite rock structures given shape by millions of years of battery by wind and waves. Opposite the bird sanctuary of the Archipel des Sept-Iles, three vast fine-sand beaches await the laughter and running feet of vacationers, and the port opens itself to yachtsmen. Lodging and breakfast in a two-star hotel close to the port. 

You will begin at the yachting port and make your way to the coastal line. You will pass by a residential area of villas built at the start of the 20th century. Follow the coast to the Pointe du Château. You will continue along the lovely Trestrignel beach and the large beach of Trestaou, lined with palm trees. You will take the path of Douaniers which runs along the coast, weaving about the pink granite forms until you reach the Ploumanac’h lighthouse, and the beach and oratory of Saint Guirec, situated on the sand. You are only a short distance now from the port of Ploumanac’h, and your hotel - Dinner, lodging, and breakfast in a two-star hotel 

Day 3 - PLOUMANAC’H – TREGASTEL (13 km).
Today’s hike begins with a tour of the tide mills built at the mouth of the Traouiero valley. Their history dates back to the 14th century, but the building that exists today was built in 1735. Following the coastal path, continue along the Baie de Sainte Anne to the Ile Renote where you will discover a chaos of imposing pink granite formations and a covered path. You will pick up your hike again, crossing the Coz Porz beach, La Grève Blanche, and the Baie de Kerlavos. You will leave the shore at bottom of this bay to discover the covered alley of Kerguntuil (a burial ground 9 meters in length dating to 2000 BC) and the Kerguntuil’s dolmen, one of the most imposing of Trégor. Then you will return to the center of Trégastel by the same path or by the fields. Lodging and breakfast in a 3-star hotel facing the sea. Dinner not included 

Day 4 - TREGASTEL – TREBEURDEN (14 or 19 km).
Transfer by taxi from Trégastel to Landrellec hamlet in the morning. You will continue your trek across the Breton countryside towards Saint Uzec’s menhir, then on to Penvern’s chapel of Notre- Dame-des-Citeaux. Established by the Cistercian monks of Bégard around 1300, it is possibly one of the oldest chapels in the region. The fountain which lies beside the chapel was known to heal maladies. The most courageous adventurers among you will continue the hike along the coast so to visit the Ile Grande (+ 5 km) where you will uncover a landscape of heaths along the seashore, inlets, marshes, and a lovely covered alley. You will next arrive at the small village of Trébeurden by way of the ponds of Quellern, where a small family of Camargue horses claims residence. Dinner, lodging, and breakfast in a two-star hotel. 

Day 5 - TREBEURDEN – LANNION (16 km).
From here you climb up the Castel overlooking the port, greet “Pére Trébeurden”, a rock looking like a face! and – if the tide allows – discover the Ile Millau with its sandy moors, magnificent views, and covered alley. Once again on firm ground, you will follow the large beach of Tresmeur to the Pointe de Bihit. You will make your way across the Baie de Lannion by means of the coastal path, the beaches or the moors, and arrive at the Pointe Servel at the mouth of the Léguer River. You will hike to Lannion along the valley and towing paths which lead to the city. Your journey is at its end. Take time to discover the richness of the city’s architectural and patrimonial history. Lodging and breakfast in a 3-star hotel in the city center. 

Day 6 - LANNION.
The tour ends after breakfast. 


What's Included


√ Luggage transfer
During the trek, we will make sure that your luggage gets from one hotel to the next before you get there. You will leave your bags at the hotel lobby at the beginning of the day and you will find them at your next hotel upon arrival.

√ Sentiers de France's Dossier
Before the trek, you will be given a Dossier prepared by Sentiers de France. This dossier includes a set of maps (1/25 000 scale) with the route marked on and detailed route notes describing the trail. It also includes a daily itinerary together with information about facilities and places of interest along the trail.

√ Meals
5 breakfasts and 2 dinners are included during this trek. These will be provided at the hotels. The other meals during the trek are not included. Sentiers de France will give you a list of nearby good restaurants for you to go out and enjoy the traditional Frech cuisine!

√ Accommodation
You will spend your nights in 2-3 star hotels along the way. Accommodation is normally in double or twin-bedded rooms, with en-suite facilities. A "comfort Package" is also available if you prefer to spend your nights in 3-4 star hotels.

√ Transfer
You will take a taxi between Tregastel and Landrellec. This transfer is included in the price of the trek.

√ Emergency assistance
Sentiers de France will be available for you in case of an emergency. You can always contact them by phone or email and they will be there to solve any inconvenience that you may face during your trek.


× Flights
The total amount excludes flights to and from France. You will also have to make your way to the starting point of the trek on your own.

× Accommodation before and after the trek
Before and after the trek you have to take care of your own accommodation.

× Personal expenses
All personal expenses such as drinks at the bar, washing and other similar expenses are for your own account.

× Travel Insurance Including Repatriation
Your international travel insurance is your own responsibility. It is important that your travel insurance also covers trekking trips. Discuss your itinerary with the insurance company before you travel to France.

× Entrance fees
The entrance fees to museums, castles, or any other point of interest along the way are not included in the price of this trek.

× Drinks
The price of the trek includes the meals along the way. The drinks, however, are not included. 



You will spend your nights in 2-3 star hotels along the way. Accommodation is normally in double or twin-bedded rooms, with en-suite facilities. Sentiers de France will take care of all the arrangements. On the Dossier, you will find all the information regarding your accommodation. Also, your luggage will be taken from one hotel to the next, you only have to worry about enjoying your trek!

You will be staying in the following hotels. Should any of the hotels be fully booked, you will be accommodated in another hotel of the same category.

Day 1 – Perros Guirec
Day 2 - Ploumanach’
Day 3 - Tregastel
Day 4 - Trebeurden
Day 5 - Lannion

If you prefer to spend your nights in 3-4 star hotels, this trek is also available in a "Comfort" package. The price of the Comfort Package per person on double occupancy is EUR 1155,- and EUR 1740,- in a single room. If you are a solo trekker, the price of this Comfort Package trek is of EUR 1690,-.

Starting Point

Getting there and away

By train: The nearest rail station is Lannion. Several TGV or fast trains from Paris-Montparnasse station to Plouaret or Guingamp (on the Paris-Brestroute), and change to Lannion. Take a taxi to go to the hotel at Perros.

By car: Go to Rennes by following highways A11 and A81 from Paris. Then take N12 road to Guingamp and D767 road to Lannion.

Where to park: free unattended car parks, available in Lannion or Perros Guirec

Packing List

Packing List

We encourage you to travel lightly and don’t have too many bags and clothes. It’s up to you to decide what additional things to bring. Depending on your total trip time in France, you may have bags that you won’t need on the walking tour. We suggest you make arrangements to store bags during the hike if you won’t need them (you can leave them in a locker room in railway stations for example). This short list is for the walking side of the tour and we presume you will bring comfortable casual wear to use during the evenings or on a free day:

– The most essential items of equipment are a good pair of walking boots and a suitable daypack.
– Waterproof jacket and over-trousers (rain gear)
– Thick socks for use inside walking boots
– Comfortable trousers and/or shorts
– Extra sweater
– Sun hat
– Trekking poles or walking sticks



Best Season
From May to October but be careful this area is very crowded in summer. We recommend you (if you can) to come outside this period. Nevertheless, this area attracts a lot of tourists and you have to reserve earlier to get the best rooms.

Arrival in Europe
We suggest you consider arranging your travel so that you arrive in Europe at least two days before your hike is scheduled to start. By planning to arrive early, you safeguard against potential delays or cancellations of flight and you have extra time to adjust to the new time zone so you’ll feel more relaxed when your hike begins.

Getting to the starting place
We explain in the detailed itinerary and in more detail in the Route Notes how to reach the starting point and the first hotel where you will stay. We shall send you all these details if you take your trip dossier at the reception desk of the first hotel.

Transfer between the airport or the nearest station and the starting and finishing points of the tour are not included in the tour price. We shall be pleased to help you. Feel free to e-mail us if you are facing difficulties.

Lodging and food
One of the best things about these tours! You will discover and enjoy the cuisine of the region you visit. Sentiers de France books and pays for your accommodation, normally in double or twin-bedded rooms, with en-suite facilities.

All breakfasts are included. We also include evening meals as specified in the brochure and dossier only when the restaurant attached to the hotel has a good reputation, otherwise, we invite you to have dinner outside and give you a list of nearby good restaurants. When we include dinners, these are from a menu of 3 or 4 courses (menu du terroir for CL tours and gourmet or degustation menu for LU tours) For each course you can choose between different suggestions. Drinks and coffee are not included.

Lunches or picnic lunches are not included, but many overnight stops are in small towns and villages where picnic material can be bought from local shops before you start your day’s walk; alternatively, a packed lunch can be ordered the evening before from your hotel.

Be careful, baggage-handling services are not available in the French hotels. Be prepared to carry you your own bags up narrow staircases, many hotels or inns do not have elevators. We strongly advise you pack adequately but lightly and limit baggage to an amount that you can easily handle.

We arrange the transportation of your luggage from one hotel to the next. We ask you to leave your luggage at the reception desk on setting out each morning.

Sentiers de France passport
You will receive a nontransferable passport delivered by Sentiers de France (it looks like a credit card). It replaces the traditional voucher. You will have to show it at the reception desk of the hotels or to the taxi driver… Take care of it!

It is very important to be in good physical shape when you start the tour. We strongly recommend you to go for a number of walks of the same length of the tour’s stages during the weeks before the departure wearing the boots that you will use during the tour. You will make sure your boots are well broken-in and that they fit properly.

Trip Dossier

Trip dossier

We shall send this dossier to you within 2 weeks before the departure date after receipt of the balance or total payment if you live in Europe. An additional special delivery (UPS, DHL) fee is requested for people living outside Europe who want receive the dossier at home. Otherwise, you will find the dossier at the first hotel and we send you all the details to reach it by e-mail.

This trip dossier includes:
– detailed walk route notes and interesting background information about the area
– detailed local information about places to visit en route, recommendations for places to eat in the evening when dinner is not included
– a comprehensive list of what to take with you
– information and contact details of the different places of accommodation where you will stay, for different taxis that carry your luggage and that can escort you a day if you are tired or injured
– Labels to tie to your luggage in the tour
– Sentiers de France Passport instead of accommodation vouchers.



Our treks in France are absolutely safe. In our dossier you will find a detailed map of the route you have to follow and information and contact details of the different places of accommodation where you will stay, and for different taxis that will carry your luggage, Moreover, a 24-hour helpline is available for you during the whole trek in case of an emergency. We will be there for you every step of the way!

Sentiers de France

Sentiers de France

For more than 20 years, Sentiers de France has helped lovers of walking to explore France’s most beautiful landscapes.

The company was born from the travels enjoyed by Jean-Marc and his wife, Katie. A keen walker, but lacking the time to create his own itineraries, Jean-Marc searched for an agency to provide what he wanted: great walks, restaurant and hotel recommendations, taxi services to transport the bags to avoid being laden down all day and above all maximum freedom and comfort.

He searched in vain. Rather than admit defeat, he decided to create Sentiers de France to explore France, but on his own terms. No guides, or groups, so he could set off when it suited him and above all be completely free during his walk. Hotels, with two or three stars, to offer the best conditions in which to relax after a long day of walking and above all great restaurants in which to recharge energy levels, while savouring the gastronomic riches of each region being explored.

We often forget it, but France, a key tourist destination, offers an incredible variety of landscapes. Each region has its riches, whether gastronomic, œnological, cultural or historical.

All the walks have been created and tested by Jean-Marc, and then later given the seal of approval by our hundreds of walkers who by filling in our customer satisfaction surveys help us to improve and enrich what we offer. Every year, new circuits are born as we discover them and as they are requested. We all want different things, which is why all our routes are à la Carte. Nothing is carved in stone, Jean-Marc wants Sentiers de France to evolve constantly.

We evolve as required. This is how, a little while later, our cycling and scenic car routes were born. There is more than one way to visit France, which is why for many years, we have offered cycling holidays in the Loire Valley. The area’s rich history has left its traces here, with magnificent châteaux created by our kings. And of course, let us not forget Touraine’s many wines, renowned around the world.

So as not to miss anything, we have travelled France’s most beautiful routes through the most beautiful regions. Often, due to a lack of time or information, you can pass by magical places without realising. Our scenic car tours will ensure that you do not miss a thing and you will discover the very best.

Now, Sentiers de France has evolved once more. Eugénie,has joined the Sentiers de France team. Jean-Marc is working on a daily basis to pass on his incredible know-how and his experience of the paths and routes of France.  In this digital era, Sentiers has launched on Facebook and Instagram so that you can always stay up to date with our latest finds. Finally, we have developed our website, to modernise it, so it better reflects our great company and so you can join our great community of walkers, cyclists and drivers as easily as possible.

How to Book

How does it work?
On you can find and compare the adventures of your dreams. Is this trekking adventure your match? In that case, you can proceed to book. For the treks in France, you can book your trek by paying 15% of the total amount. However, 45 days before your trek, you must pay the remaining 85%. If you book within 45 days of your trip, then you must pay the full amount. uses only the safest payment methods. Once your booking has been received, your place is reserved, your place is safe and you can look forward to your chosen trekking.

After you have made your booking, you will receive an e-mail confirmation with all the necessary information and the contact details of the trekking company. If you have any questions or if you want to clarify something, you can obtain information directly from the right person. Of course, you can also always ask us your question. Send us an e-mail on

The trekking company will also receive your details and can therefore always contact you and provide you with extra information.

Important: This trek must be booked at least one month before the departure day of the trek. This has to do with the fact that the trekking company needs that time to make the hotel reservations for you and prepare the trekking notes for your trek.

Cancellation Policy
You wish you didn’t have to, but there is no other way: You find yourself having to cancel your plans. In this case, you lose your deposit, but since you haven’t paid the large sum yet, you at least save that. If you cancel your trip within 45 days before the trek, then the amount is non-refundable. Please do let us know if you cannot make it. A no-show can be a small disaster for your trekking provider, who did its best to block your dates. View our complete cancellation policy here.

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