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Mount Batur is an active volcano which erupted for the last time in 2000. Say that again? Yes, an active volcano and you are going to climb it. Locally known as Gunung Batur, the volcano is over 1700 meters high and for the mountain, it all started below sea level. It is hard to imagine the power behind that explosion, thousands of years ago.

Trekking on Mount Batur is a quite straightforward affair which you can even do in one day. You can witness the sunrise from the crater and witness an astonishing sunrise. You can spend the rest of the day in the hot springs and tasting some of the most expensive coffee in the world.

Trekking on Mount Batur isn’t just for mountaineers and seasoned hikers. There are plenty of options and you don’t need to be a Marathon runner to have a good time and enjoy the sunrise. Get adventurous and join us for a dance on the volcano!


Mount Batur

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