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Find your trekking - Finisterre Way (El Camino de Finisterre)

Become part of a select group of hikers from all over the world and experience one of the oldest pilgrimages in the world: El Camino de Santiago or the St. James path in English. Dive deep in the Mediterranean culture and walk through the vineyards, dine in little bistros and meet like-minded pilgrims and trekkers on your way. A glass of Rioja is well deserved after a good day of trekking along the Camino.

The Camino de Finisterre is the only trail starting in Santiago de Compostela that takes you West to the Galician Coast. The trek to Cape Finisterre will take you through ancient villages, woodlands, and along the rugged coast where you will enjoy a fresh sea breeze. This is also an excellent choice to extend your classic Camino for a well-deserved finish at the seaside. Fun fact: Finisterre was considered to be the End of the World. In fact, this is the origin of the term: Finis (end) terre (world). Let’s trek all the way till the end!


Finisterre Way (El Camino de Finisterre)

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