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It’s only a fraction of the vast network of trails built by the Incas, but it goes directly to Machu Picchu: The Inca Trail. Get away from modern civilization and hike through the rich history of a mysterious people who were one with nature. With or without a guide. Here you can book the Inca Trail and experience the Peruvian Andes at their best.

All trails leading to Machu Picchu are today called the Inca Trail. The approximately 45 kilometres of trails are part of a much larger, partly disappeared network that was built by the Incas. The trails were cleared in the mid-20th century and since then millions of hikers, trekkers and daytrippers have found their way to Machu Picchu.

It is no wonder, therefore, that the Peruvian authorities have introduced a limit. Nowadays, a permit must be applied for six months in advance. If you have the Inca Trail on your 2019 bucket list, you want to book it today.


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