Burguret – Chogoria Traverse (6 days) – Go To Mount Kenya

Find your trekking - Mount Kenya

Mount Kenya is the other roof of Africa. Approximately three million years ago, the massif was formed by the opening of the East African rift. Today, the burnt out stratovolcano provides habitat to thousands of different species. Throughout the centuries, different peoples have found their home on the slopes of Mount Kenya. In the immediate vicinity of the massif you will find four different tribes: the Kikuyu, the Embu, the Ameru and the Maasai people. Blend that with the wildlife you’ll find in the region, Mount Kenya offers an unforgettable experience.

Conquering Point Lenana, one of the mountains tops of the massif, is possible in different ways. The Sirimon Route is a relatively easy and fast trek. The ascent is gradual and there is still some time for acclimatisation. A much more difficult route is the Chogoria. More difficult is often also more beautiful. That definitely goes for the Chogoria Route. The landscape is diverse and the views are unforgettable. Do you have a little less time and want to get to the top as quickly as possible? Then the steep Naro Moru Route is for you. Because the higher peaks of Mount Kenya can only be reached via climbing routes, the hiking routes do not go beyond Point Lenana. All hiking routes can be booked at Bookatrekking.com.