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Find your trekking - Mount Toubkal & Sahara

Combining Mount Toubkal with the Sahara Desert. That’s the way to make even more of your trip to Morocco. If you have already enjoyed the beautiful beaches of the coast, you might be longing for something else.

Mount Toubkal is with 4.167 meters the highest peak in Northern Africa. The High Atlas doesn’t get any higher than Toubkal and the good thing is that the peak of this legendary mountain is accessible by foot. This makes “Jbel Toubkal” perfect for trekking expeditions.

Right on the other side the Atlas you can find the Sahara Desert. This makes a combination of both such a compelling idea. One day you are standing on the roof of Northern Africa, the next you dip your toes in the sand of the Sahara and a few days later you can be on the beaches of the Atlantic. Mules, camels, Berber tents, mountain huts, and the most beautiful sunsets!


Mount Toubkal & Sahara

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