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There won’t be snow in Africa this Christmas time. You know the song. It’s wrong! There will be snow on a few African peaks. One of those peaks is Mount Toubkal, the roof of Northern Africa and the highest peak of the Atlas Mountains. Do something different in the upcoming winter season and climb Jebel Toubkal in winter.

If you have never used crampons and ice axes, Toubkal in winter offers you a great opportunity to get started in the exciting world of winter mountaineering. The season starts in November and lasts all the way until the end of April. It will be a lot quieter on the mountain and you can imagine that climbing Toubkal in winter makes a better story than when doing it in summer.

Some experience with wintery conditions is ideal, but if the wonders of winter mountaineering are new to you, your guides will be there to get you comfortable.


Mount Toubkal Winter Trek

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