Bukit Pergasingan (2 days) – Rinjani Trekking Center

Find your trekking - Mount Rinjani

Climbing Mount Rinjani is no walk in the park. As a matter of fact, you are trekking on an active volcano, the second highest in Indonesia. It takes some grit to climb to the Crater Rim or the Summit because there is a chance that this volcano will come to life. In 2018 there were casualties and stuck trekkers on Mount Rinjani because of an earthquake.

The fact that the volcano had a serious eruption in 1995 doesn’t stop anyone from approaching Mount Rinjani. It is just too beautiful. You can have your Rinjani adventure in a few different ways, either climbing to the Crater Rim or all the way to the Summit. Either way will give you the greatest views the island of Lombok has to offer.

Your time on Lombok is nothing until you have witnessed the sunrise from Gunung Rinjani. Are you ready for a dance on a volcano? Get your dancing hiking shoes ready!


Mount Rinjani

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