Find your trekking - Tibet

If trekking would have a Mekka, you would find in Tibet. This beautiful historical region, covering much of the Tibetan Plateau in Inner Asia is home to the most beautiful trails you can find in the Himalaya. Together with neighboring country Nepal, Tibet has access to Mount Everest. With an average 4,900 meters (16,000 ft), Tibet is the highest region in the world.

It is no wonder that Tibet attracts thousands of visitors who are looking for a trekking and hiking adventure of a lifetime. Whether it be a trek to the Northern Everest Base Camp or a pilgrimage trek around Mount Kailash, Tibetans will welcome you with open arms.

Tibet is not the easiest region to visit. With a complex political situation and an often strenuous visa procedure, people tend to opt for other trekkings in the Himalayas. However, Tibet enthusiasts all agree that trekking in this remote part of the world is an unforgettable authentic experience. Tibet is calling. You must go.



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