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The Simien Mountains are a stone’s throw from the beautiful little town of Gondar in Ethiopia. They are the natural highlight of this beautiful country and a trek here is a great adventure. The Simien Mountains shelter the highest peaks of Ethiopia like Rash Deshen (4550m), Mount Biuat (4437m) and Yared (4453m).

Trekking in the Simien Mountains should be part of your Ethiopian experience. If you ever visited South Africa you might have heard about or even seen the Drakensberg Mountains. The Simien Mountains were shaped in a similar way. The Simien Mountains are home to the walia ibex, gelada baboon, and caracal. If you are lucky, you could spot an Ethiopian wolf.

Do a standard Simien Mountains trek or go all-out and spend time in one of the most beautiful mountain ranges of Africa. Be amazed by beautiful valleys, steep cliffs, and stunning peaks. The Simien Mountains are calling. You must go.


Simien Mountains Treks

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