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Find your trekking - Peru

Peru is home to some of the most famous hiking trails in the world. It is safe to say that the Peruvians were trekking before it was cool. After all, the Inca Empire managed very well to overcome natural obstacles. It was the Incas who built endless miles of trails across the Andes mountains.

The Peruvian Andes is running like a spine through the entire country. If we say Peru, you say Inca Trail. That’s right, Peru is home to the Inca Trail and it leads straight to Machu Picchu, the ancient Incan citadel that everyone knows and ranks on top of many bucket lists.

There are, however, more trekking and hiking routes to be found in Peru. What about the Salkantay Trek or the Lares Trek? These alternatives are also Machu Picchu bound but follow alternative hiking trails. It doesn’t matter what your travel itinerary for Peru looks like, make sure to include some hiking and trekking.



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