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Classic Inca Trail Trek

TreXperience - 4 days

    Regular days with
  • 0 - 10 km per day
What's included
Machu Picchu
Packing List
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> Enjoy Machu Picchu in full glory
> Enjoy the views from the Panoramic Vistadome Train

The Inca Trail to Machu Picchu is a once in a lifetime experience and an opportunity not to be missed. It is one of the world’s oldest pilgrimages and is consistently ranked among the ten best hikes on the planet. Over four unforgettable days you will hike through different ecological zones which house an abundance of diverse flora and fauna. These include various orchids, bromeliads, hummingbirds, foxes and deer. Some lucky hikers may even catch a glimpse of the magnificent spectacled bear of South America during the trekking.

Along the trek you will have the opportunity to explore a number of breathtaking archaeological sites and farming terraces, which were left behind by the Inca Empire and remained undiscovered for over 400 years. Nothing quite compares the pinnacle of your journey; finishing the trek in Machu Picchu – one of the most majestic and spectacular places on earth. 

Important Notice: The Inca Trail is the most popular trek of Peru and maybe even South America. Because of a limited amount of permits issued by the authorities, you have to book your spot at least well in advance. The months of April, May, June, July, August, September and October need reconfirmation.


What’s the plan?


Your trekking team will pick you up from your hotel between 4:30-6:30am (depending on your location) and drive you to KM. 82 – arriving at approximately 8.00am. After a delicious breakfast we will head straight to the checkpoint to begin your trekking to Machu Picchu. It’s a relatively easy two-hour walk to Patallacta; the first Inca site along the trail. From a unique, secluded location we will enjoy the breathtaking views of this ancient city. It’s then another two-hour walk to Hatunchaca – located in the heart of the Inca trail – where lunch will be waiting. We will walk for another two hours to the first campsite located in Ayapata, arriving at approximately 5:00pm. Your tent, a snack and a hot drink will be waiting for you. You will then have some time to rest and enjoy the view of the mountains before dinner.

Campsite Altitude: 3300m – 10826ft
Highest altitude: 3300m – 10826ft
Distance: 13.5km / 8 miles
Duration: 8 hours
Meals: Breakfast, lunch, dinner
Accommodation: Camping
Difficulty: Moderate


We will wake you up bright and early with a hot cup of coffee or cocoa tea. Today will be the most challenging part of the Machu Picchu trek and after breakfast it’s a 4-hour trek uphill to Dead Woman’s Pass. At 4215m / 13829ft., this is the highest point along the Inca Trail. At the summit, we will take time to appreciate the serenity of this location while your guide completes a traditional offering ceremony to the Apus (local Gods). After a 2-hour downhill trek to Pacaymayu Valley we will enjoy a well-earned lunch. The second pass is an easier 2-hours climb and we will take time to explore two Inca sites along the way; RuncuRaccay and Sayacmarca. It’s then a 20-minute walk to the second campsite at Chaquicocha (dry lake, 3600m / 11811 ft.), where you will be able to admire a beautiful sunset over the Vilcabamba mountain range before dinner. With an unobstructed view of the constellations, this is the perfect place to stargaze!

Campsite Altitude: 3600m – 11811ft
Highest altitude: 421700m -13835ft
Distance: 16km / 9 miles
Duration: 10 hours
Meals: Breakfast, lunch, dinner
Accommodation: Camping
Difficulty: Moderate to difficult


With the hard part of the Inca Trail well and truly over, you can relax and enjoy the easiest and arguably most interesting day of the trek. Today’s route is extremely varied and it is only a 5-hour walk to the final campsite. Along the way you will pass through a number of different ecosystems, experience the atmospheric cloud forest and observe the magnificent panoramic view of Salkantay Mountain (the second highest in Cusco). We will visit two Inca sites; Phuyupatamarka (City in the Clouds) with spectacular views of the Urubamba River and the Machu Picchu Mountain, and Intipata (Terraces of the Sun). At Intipata, there will be time to rest and take in your magical surroundings. We will reach the campsite at approximately 1:00pm to have lunch and you can then enjoy some free time to relax and unwind. Later in the afternoon we will visit another impressive Inca site – Wiñay Wayna – where your guide will explain the history of this remarkable location. We will then return to the campsite for tea and dinner and a special surprise!

Campsite Altitude: 2600m – 8530ft
Highest altitude: 3600m – 11811ft
Distance: 10km / 6 miles
Duration: 6 hours
Meals: Breakfast, lunch, dinner
Accommodation: Camping
Difficulty: Easy


On our final day of the Inca Trail we have to get up very early to prepare for the highlight of your Trexperience; visiting Machu Picchu – the Lost City of the Incas. We will go straight to the checkpoint and wait until it opens at 5:30 am. As the sky brightens, we will walk for an hour to the Sun Gate, taking in the stunning views along the way. On a clear day you can watch the spectacular sun rise over Machu Picchu from the Sun Gate, which is truly an unforgettable sight. We will then start our one-hour decent towards Machu Picchu, arriving at the final control point at around 7:30am. Your guide will take you on a two-hour comprehensive tour of the city before leaving you in Machu Picchu to explore on your own or climb either Huayna Picchu or Machu Picchu Mountain (tickets must be booked as far in advance as possible). Your guide will explain how to take the bus from Machu Picchu to Aguas Calientes for lunch and then take the train and bus back to Cusco. The Trexperience Team will meet you off the train and return you safely to your hotel.

Highest altitude: 2700m -8858ft
Distance: 6km / 3 miles
Duration: 2 hours
Meals: Breakfast
Difficulty: Easy

What's included


√ Pre-departure briefing
TreXperience welcome you to our Cusco offices on the evening prior to your trek for a pre-departure briefing for the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu. The briefings take place at approximately 6:00pm. TreXperience understand that many hikers may be nervous or inexperienced and so the briefing is an opportunity to meet your guide(s) who will talk you through what to expect over the coming days. Our trekking guides are very approachable and experienced so feel free to use this opportunity to ask them any questions you may have.

√ Permits
All admission permits to the classic Inca trail trek & Machu Picchu Archaeological Complex are included. In order to obtain all relevant permits for your hike we will require a photocopy of your passport. We kindly request you share this with the team as soon as you book your trek.

√ Transportation
TreXperience offer a door to door service in the Inca Trail tour; we will pick up from your hotel on the morning of the trek and drop off back at your hotel on the last day. All required transportation throughout the trek is included, as well as the train back from Machu Picchu Pueblo. The bus down to Aguas Calientes from Machu Picchu and the train ride on a Panoramic Exclusive train on the last day to come back to Cusco are included. In addition TreXperience offer a complementary transfer service to and from the airport and your hotel.

√ Experienced tour guides
The TreXperience Inca Trail team are fluent English speakers and are extremely experienced professional tour guides from the local area. We provide a single guide for groups smaller than 8 people and a second guide for groups with 8 people or more. We very much enjoy sharing our extensive knowledge of local history and culture with you along the trek. All guides are proficiently trained in high mountain rescue, as well as yoga and meditation. We are committed to ensuring all clients have the best possible Trexperience!

√ Duffle Bag
We will provide a duffle bag to carry up to 7 kilos for your personal stuff. This bag will be carried by the porters during the trek.

√ Camping equipment
TreXperience provide the best possible equipment in the Inca Trail to all clients, as well as staff, to maximise your experience. These include; Eureka tents (4 man tents are provided for every 2 people), and more.

√ Porters
Our porters in the Inca Trail carry all belongings that you don’t need in your daypack up to a maximum weight of 7 kg. Additionally our porters carry all food and equipment. You will find your tents and the campsite prepared for you on arrival so all you need to do is worry about enjoying the hike!

√ Food
TreXperience are proud of their highly talented trekking chefs who never fail to cook up a delightful feast despite being in the middle of the Andean Mountains! We guarantee the biggest foodies among you wont fail to be impressed. All breakfasts, lunches and dinners are provided each day (except lunch on the final day) and the food is both delicious and plentiful. In the Inca Traill we cater for all dietary requirements so please let us know of your needs. We will keep those energy levels high with snacks each day and we make sure you have a tea / coffee every morning to wake up and every afternoon to unwind.

√ Water
All drinkable water along the trek – from your first lunch to your last breakfast – will be provided (you need to supply your own water bottles / camel back and we recommend carrying at least 2L). The water is boiled, filtered and cooled before it is distributed.

√ Medical kit
All trekking guides have received training in first aid and high mountain rescue. In the event a guest requires medical attention while on the trek our staff will be able to assist you. A medical kit is kept with the team at all times. In extremely rare case of a serious medical emergency you will be evacuated to the nearest medical centre.

√ Extras
We are committed to ensuring your Inca Trail trip is as comfortable as possible. We therefore provide hand towels, pillows, hand sanitizer, hot water for washing, drinkable water, snacks, daypack covers and rain ponchos. All these additional comforts are included in the price of your trek.

√ Satellite phones
To ensure your safety and in case of an emergency we are the first trekking company to introducing satellite phone technology. This is because during the Inca Trail we will be hiking in the mountain with no cellphone service.

√ Taxes and fees
All taxes and permit fees associated with the Inca TrailF are included in the listed price.


× Accommodation in Cusco including breakfast
Before and after the trek you have to take care of your own accommodation.

× Sleeping bag
You can rent a quality sleeping bag for $20 dollars.

× Inflattable air mattress
You can rent an inflattable air mattress for $15 dollars.

× Trekking poles
You can rent trekking poles for $15 dollars per pair.

× Travel Insurance Including Repatriation
Your international travel insurance is your own responsibility. It is important that your travel insurance also covers adventures at a high altitude. Discuss your itinerary with the insurance company before you travel to Peru.

× Tipping
Tips for guides and porters are exclusive. You decide what you want to tip, but be generous.

×Lunch on last day
Lunch on the last day is excluded.



During you trek, you will stay in tents at campsites along the route. Two people will always share a spacious 4 people dome igloo tent with plenty of space for backpacks. Also, an inflatable mattress is taken care off. You have to take your own sleeping bag or you can rent one for $25 from your trekking company. At the campsite, you can always find a chemical toilet, kitchen equipment, dining tent, and a kitchen.


Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu Tickets
To conserve the Machu Picchu site, the Peruvian government has limited the access and gives out a limited amount of tickets. There are different sorts of tickets and availability.

Machu Picchu Only
This type of ticket allows you to visit the citadel of Machu Picchu which has as main attractions: Intiwatana Temple of the Three Windows, Sun Temple, Temple of the Condor, Main Plaza, Agricultural Zone. The maximum capacity to enter to Machu Picchu is 2500 people per day.

Machu Picchu + Huayna Picchu Mountain
Huayna Picchu is part of a set of related with the Salkantay, mountains known as the Central Cordillera of the Andes. Huayna Picchu, “Young Mountain“, is located opposite the mountain of Machu Picchu “Old Mountain” and has a height of 2,693 meters. It can be accessed by following a steep and narrow path with steps carved into rock; It covers an elevation of approximately 360 meters. The tour on this mountain has an approximate duration of 3 hours, in what it concerns to rise and to go down, it is an extraordinary adventure. The maximum capacity to go up to Huayna Picchu group is 200 people per day.

Machu Picchu + Old Mountain
Machu Picchu Mountain is located 3,082 meters. In it, is seated the Inca city of Machu Picchu, and every day more people decide to venture to it, possibly by the energy emanating earth, considered sacred to the Inca civilization. Its summit was used by Inca priests to perform rituals on special dates and it was the place of worship of the Apu Salkantay.

The ascent depends on the physical condition of the individual and can take anything between 2 and 3 hours.The maximum capacity to enter Machu Picchu Mountain is 800 people per day,

Your trekking company provides the bus tickets and the Machu Pichu only entrance tickets. If you wish to do climb the Huayna Picchu or the Old Mountain it will cost you $75 dollars extra. This needs to be reserved in time.


Frequently Asked Questions

Best Season

The best time to hike the Peruvian Andes is from April to October when the weather is relatively warm. In the months of June, July and August the nights are cold and a four season sleeping bag is recommended. The rainy season lasts from November to March, with February as the highlight. In this month the Inca Trail is closed for maintenance. Rainy season or not, prepare for sun and rain. The mountains make the weather pattern unpredictable.

Dry season (April – October)
Day: 20’C – 25’C / 68’F – 77’F
Night: -1 – 7’C / 30’F – 45’F

Rainy season (November – March)
Day: 17’C – 22’C / 62’F – 71.6’F
Night: 4’C – 7’C / 39’F – 45’F


Trekking in Peru is possible with the endless help provided by porters and horses. They take care of carrying tents, cooking utensils, tables, chairs, gat bottles, food and other essential equipment you can imagine. Without porters, horses, and donkeys there is no trekking in Peru. Porters are well looked after by their trekking companies, but a


On the Inca Trail and other Peruvian trials, it is normal to tip porters, guides and chefs. Opinions on how much are divided. We advise you to bring along an amount of 60 to 120 Nuevo Sol for tips. That is equivalent to USD 25 to 50. This is often given by the group in a pot, towards the end of the trek.


Do you make it to your destinations as planned? Often this depends on the unpredictable weather in the mountains. However, it can also depend on your own physical condition.

One sure way to get fit for trekking and hiking in Peru is to, you could have guessed it: hike more. Do you like walking, have you done trekking at an altitude before and do you sport twice a week on average? With a little extra training, you’ll soon be ready for this beautiful trekking in the Peruvian Andes.

Is this the first time that you are trekking at altitude? Make sure you are well prepared. This is important for your safety, but also for that of your team. Make sure you start six months in advance with an hour’s hike twice a week. Read this blog post and get fit for trekking in Peru.

Packing List

Packing List


- Valid, original Passport (a copy will not be accepted)
- Valid, Student Card (if you booked as a student)
- Immigration Card (given to you on the plane as you enter Peru)
- Trekking boots (light, comfortable and broken in)
- A good quality daypack (light, small and comfortable)
- Water storage for at least 2 liters; either a camel bag or water bottle(s)

For your daypacks

Below is a list of items that we highly recommend you keep with you at all times in your personal backpack. Remember you will be carrying this with you everyday of the trek so we recommend you bring a good quality daypack which is both light and comfortable. It is important to note that due to local regulations, your backpack should not exceed 25L. All larger backpacks can not be taken into Machu Picchu and will need to be stored outside the gates.

- Hat and sunglasses
- Rain gear
- Warm layers (fleece / long sleeved tops)
- Sun cream, bug spray
- Hand sanitiser
- Toilet paper
- Personal medication
- Band aids, moleskin
- Camera, extra batteries
- Head torch
- Extra snacks, power bars, chocolate
- Extra money for souvenirs, drinks & tips (small change is useful for paying to use the villagers’ toilets on the first day)

Additional items for your duffel bag

During the trek will provide you with a duffel bag in which you can pack any items that you won’t need to keep with you during the day. Our porters will carry this bag for you throughout the trek. Please note this bag should weigh a maximum of 7 kg including the weight of your sleeping bag and air mattress (if you bring / rent one). When rented from us these two items weigh approximately 3 kg. During the Inca Trek you will travel through different temperatures as you climb / descend, it can also be cold at night when at the campsite. Therefore layers work best!

- Sleeping bag for Inca trail (can be rented from us)
- Air mattress for Inca trail (can be rented from us)
- Some light, comfortable shoes for the camp
- Warm jacket, hat and gloves for Inca trail
- 2-3 t-shirts (wicking t-shirts are best)
- 1-2 hiking pants / trousers
- 4 sets of undergarments
- 4 sets of hiking socks
- 1 Fleece
- 1 Warm, down jacket for the coldest nights
- Quick dry towel
- Soap
- Toothbrush and paste
- Face moisturizer
- Power pack / battery charger
- Plastic bags to keep wet or muddy clothes separate



TreXperience is a 100% Peruvian tour operator based in the city of Cusco, his owner Carlos Coronel is a native of the village of Cachiccata in the Ollantaytambo District.

We take tourists to see Peru in an authentic and ethical manner. TreXperience provides a selection of excursions and activities that will allow you to experience the best of what Peru has to offer, from the ancient ruins of Machu Picchu to the breathtaking scenery of the Andes. We are devoted to offering guests a genuine Peruvian experience. Thus, our tour guides are natives who are intimately familiar with the country.

We feel that there is no better way to learn about a culture than to experience it firsthand, and our tours are designed to provide you with an up-close look at the people and things that make Peru so remarkable. TreXperience provides the ideal tour for each type of holiday, whether you're seeking excitement or relaxation. Come discover Peru with us, and we assure you that you won't be disappointed!

TreXperience is very concerned about environmental preservation and community service. We arrange cleanup efforts and tree-planting initiatives. We have constructed a library where we give local children internet-connected laptops, school books, and other things. We believe in fostering the growth of our nation via education and responsible tourism.

We offer many trips to Machu Picchu, including the Classic Inca Trail, the Salkantay trek, the Lares trek, and even a 2-day Inca Trail excursion. Each member of the TreXperience family hails from Cusco or the Sacred Valley to provide a genuine, local experience.

TreXperience is committed to giving its clients a genuine Peruvian experience, and its tours are meant to provide tourists with a thorough perspective of the nation. TreXperience has a trip that will meet your demands, whether you are interested in discovering the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, The Sacred Valley, Rainbow Mountain, the Amazon jungle, trekking through the Andes highlands, or visiting the ancient ruins of Machu Picchu.



Safety is of the utmost importance to us. That is why this is an area in which we simply do not compromise when it comes to keeping the cost of our trekkings low. Our guides have been selected on the basis of their technical competence, proven safety performance, impeccable judgment, friendly attitude and ability to provide useful and expert instructions. They are also very professional and well trained in first aid and personal protection equipment. First aid kits are available on all treks. In addition, the routes are ideally designed to give you enough time to acclimatize.

Altitude Mountain Sickness
If you’re keen on Machu Picchu, you’re obviously headed to Cusco. Once you’re in the city, particularly if you’ve flown in, you’re likely to find yourself huffing and puffing just scaling the stairs to your accommodation. For this reason, it’s recommended you give yourself time to acclimatize to the thin air before setting off up the mountain. If you want to know everything about AMS while trekking in Peru, please read our extensive blog post. For now, keep the basics in mind. Make sure you are hydrated properly, avoid alcohol before your trek, and if you are a smoker, you better at least quit for a few days, or else you are going to have a lot of trouble making it through.

Trekking in the rainy season
The wet (rainy) season lasts from November to April. The mountainous terrain around Cusco means the area is prone to flooding and landslides after torrential rain. It’s always better to go in the dry season. You can’t? At least you won’t be fighting the crowds. Please be prepared and read everything about this season in our blog post.

How To Book

How does it work?

On you can find and compare the adventures of your dreams. Is this trekking adventure your match? In that case you can proceed to booking. At you make a deposit of 20% of the total amount. You pay the remaining amount on location prior to the trek directly to the trekking company. uses only the safest payment methods. Once your booking has been received, your place is reserved, your place is safe and you can look forward to your chosen trekking.

After you have made your booking, you will receive an e-mail confirmation with all necessary information and the contact details of the trekking company. If you have any questions or if you want to clarify something, you can obtain information directly from the right person. Of course, you can also always ask us your question. Send us an e-mail on

The trekking company will also receive your details and can therefore always contact you and provide you with extra information.

Cancellation Policy is dedicated to providing the best possible experience for you. We understand that life can be unpredictable and that plans may change. In recognition of this, we have created a flexible cancellation policy for our trekkings. You may cancel your trekking reservation free of charge if you notify us at least 14 days prior to the scheduled departure date. If you cancel within 14 days of your start date, you will lose your deposit.

Is it not quite clear yet or do you have questions? Please contact us via We are happy to help you.

Fixed Departure Dates

Be sure of availability and don't miss out on the best prices? Join one of our fixed departure dates!

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