Trekking in the Danakil Depression (3 days) – Simien Mountain trekking and tours

Find your trekking - Ethiopia

Welcome to Ethiopia. This country may not be the first one to come up in your mind when thinking of going for a trekking holiday, but we are glad that you followed your intuition. Ethiopia is an unpolished gem when it comes to hiking and trekking. Historically known as Abyssinia, the country is the only African country which was never colonized by a European country. Ethiopians are rightfully proud of this fact.

Ethiopia is landlocked between Sudan, Eritrea, Djibouti, South-Sudan, Somalia, and Kenya and is part of the Horn of Africa. The Ethiopian Highlands are the largest continuous mountain ranges in Africa and the country is home to the Bale Mountains, the Simien Mountains, and the Danakil Depression, also known as the Afar Triangle.

These three highlights of the country allow for great hiking and trekking tours. You can rest assured that you will get a pure trekking experience in Ethiopia. This experience will likely come with sightings of Gelada Baboons, Nyala, Walia Ibex and, when you are lucky, the Ethiopian Wolf. Do you like coffee? Great, Ethiopia is your next trekking destination!



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