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Best seller

Tour du Mont Blanc, Full Walk

from 100 reviews
Operated By Trips

Our 10-day trek starts in Chamonix, France, and goes around the Mont Blanc Massif. On the way, you will trek through 3 countries and you...

10 days Trips

Short GR20 - Southern Half

from 100 reviews
Operated By Trips

The southern section of the GR20 is lighter than the northern section, which is considered the toughest half. If you want to get a taste of....

7 days Trips

Western Tour du Mont Blanc, Accommodation Before and After Included

from 100 reviews
Operated By Trips

Complete the western half of the famous Tour du Mont Blanc. In this 7-day tour, we have included the accommodation before and after the trek...

7 days Trips
Best seller

GR20 Northern Section (Short Version)

from 100 reviews
Operated By Trips

The northern half is 9-days long and starts from Calenzana and finishes in Vizzavona. If you don't have enough time for the whole trek or...

9 days Trips

Tour du Mont Blanc, Acommodation Included

from 100 reviews
Operated By Trips

Our 12-day trek starts in Chamonix, France, where you will spend one night before and one night after the trek in a cozy 3* hotel. During...

12 days Trips
Best seller

Short Tour Du Mont Blanc (West Part)

from 100 reviews
Operated By Trips

This 5-day trek is designed for those trekkers who are short of time or just don't want to spend so many days on the mountain. Our 5-day...

5 days Trips

GR20 Full Version

from 100 reviews
Operated By Trips

On this 15-day trek you will complete the full GR20. You can walk the GR20 trail in either direction, from north to south, or from south to....

15 days Trips

Trek through the Vosges Rounded Mountains

from 0 reviews
Operated By Sentiers de France

The Vosges Massif is divided into two areas: the Northern Vosges, made of red sandstone, and the Southern Vosges, crystalline rocks with...

7 days
Sentiers de France

The Puys Chain Trek

from 0 reviews
Operated By Sentiers de France

For more than 40 km on a north-south stretch, over one hundred volcanoes align to form what is known as the Chaîne des Puys....

9 days
Sentiers de France

Pink Granite Coast Trek

from 0 reviews
Operated By Sentiers de France

This rugged coastline, which stretches from the Pointe de l’Arcouest to Trébeurden, is constituted almost entirely of...

6 days
Sentiers de France

Trek through the Basque Pyrenees

from 0 reviews
Operated By Sentiers de France

The Atlantic Ocean and the Pyrenees combine to give us a wonderful, green paradise. From Saint Jean Pied de Port you will walk to the sea,.....

7 days
Sentiers de France

Raz and Sizun trek

from 0 reviews
Operated By Sentiers de France

This walk starts with a detour into the hinterland of Cornouaille to discover one of the most picturesque and beautiful villages in...

8 days
Sentiers de France
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best season to trek in France?
We recommend trekking in France from May to October. However, be careful since it gets very crowded in summer, which lasts from June to August. We recommend you (if you can) to come outside this period. Spring and Autumn are the most recommended seasons to enjoy the treks in this region.
What should I pack for my trek in France?
We encourage you to travel lightly and don’t have too many bags and clothes when hiking in France. It’s up to you to decide what additional things to bring. Depending on your total trip time in France, you may have bags that you won’t need on the walking tour. We suggest you make arrangements to store bags during the hike if you won’t need them (you can leave them in a locker room in railway stations for example). This short list is for the walking side of the tour and we presume you will bring comfortable casual wear to use during the evenings or on a free day:

– The most essential items of equipment when trekking in France are a good pair of walking boots and a suitable daypack.
– Waterproof jacket and over-trousers (rain gear)
– Thick socks for use inside walking boots
– Comfortable trousers and/or shorts
– Extra sweater
– Sun hat
– Trekking poles or walking sticks
When should I get to Europe?
We suggest you consider arranging your travel so that you arrive in Europe at least two days before your hike is scheduled to start. By planning to arrive early, you safeguard against potential delays or cancellations of flight and you have extra time to adjust to the new time zone so you’ll feel more relaxed when your hike in France begins.
How should I train for my trek in France?
It is very important to be in good physical shape if you are trekking in France. We strongly recommend you to go for a number of walks of the same length of the tour’s stages during the weeks before the departure wearing the boots that you will use during the tour. You will make sure your boots are well broken-in and that they fit properly.
How do I get to the starting point of my trek in France?

We explain in the detailed itinerary and in more detail in the Route Notes how to reach the starting point and the first hotel where you will stay. On the notes, we suggest different means to get to the starting point of your trek in France, like by train, by bus, or by car.  We shall send you all these details if you take your trip dossier at the reception desk of the first hotel.

Transfer between the airport or the nearest station and the starting and finishing points of the tour are not included in the tour price. We shall be pleased to help you. Feel free to e-mail us if you are facing difficulties.

How does the luggage transfer work during my trek?
While trekking in France, we will make sure that your luggage gets from one hotel to the next before you get there. You will leave your bags at the hotel lobby at the beginning of the day and you will find them at your next hotel upon arrival.
Is trekking in France safe?
Our treks in France are absolutely safe. In our dossier you will find a detailed map of the route you have to follow and information and contact details of the different places of accommodation where you will stay, and for different taxis that will carry your luggage, Moreover, a 24-hour helpline is available for you during the whole trek in case of an emergency. We will be there for you every step of your hike in France!
How do you select a reliable trekking operator in France?
The great thing about the internet is that you can find anything anywhere. The same goes for hiking and trekking providers. However, since there is so much on offer, it can be overwhelming to find a trekking operator of your liking. That is why does the selection for you. We only join hands with the best hiking and trekking providers we can trust. You can rest assured that the trekking operators on are reliable.

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