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The Northern Circuit Route is one of the best routes on the Kilimanjaro. It is highly praised by operators, guides and hikers for its ideal conditions and high success rate. The Northern Circuit Route, the Northern Circuit, is the longest route with 90 kilometres. The route is even 34 kilometres longer than the number two, the Lemosho Route.

The beginning of the route is more or less the same as the Lemosho, but you notice the big difference halfway through. There, the Northern Circuit Route surrounds the summit with a northern loop, after which Uhuru Peak is conquered from the east. The result is that you get to see a lot of the Kilimanjaro massif, that you have long days and that there is therefore a lot of time for acclimatization. For this reason, it has a particularly high success rate. The Northern Circuit Route is therefore an absolute must.


Northern Circuit

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