Rongai route (7 days) – Enosa Expeditions

Find your trekking - Rongai Route

Do you want to climb Mount Kilimanjaro in the rainy season? Choose the Rongai Route. The north side of Kili sees less rainfall and is therefore the first choice outside peak season. Do you want to enjoy the Kilimanjaro in relative peace? The Rongai is again a good choice. Although popularity is increasing each year, the numbers are much lower than on routes such as the Machame and the Marangu.

Are you looking for a less technical Kili route? The Rongai is your match. It is one of the routes that you can hike with less experience. The slopes are less steep and are easy to hike. The landscape on the north side is less varied than on the other side of the Kilimanjaro, but for that you get a unique rugged mountain landscape in return.