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Kilimanjaro Routes and Map. 50,000 people are climbing Kilimanjaro every year, making the mountain popular than Mount Everest and Mount McKinley. There are quite a few routes up Kilimanjaro. At you can book the most popular routes like the Machame and the Marangu Route, but also the more challenging routes like the Lemosho and the Northern Circuit. Are you ready to climb the roof of Africa? In this blogpost we present you all the Kilimanjaro Routes along with a handy Mt Kilimanjaro map.

Last updated in March 2020

The roof of Africa. At the foot, you'll find giraffes, lions, and elephants and at the top, you'll find nothing but snow. Mount Kilimanjaro is the most famous mountain in the world. As a child, you saw it in the background of the Lion King and ever since you have been wanting to climb it. The mystique of the almost 19’500 feet high massif is one in a thousand.

Kilimanjaro Routes Map

The Crown of Africa is relatively easy to climb for both seasoned mountaineers and amateurs. For untrained legs, there is the Marangu Route, known as the Coca-Cola Route. This is because the Marangu is the only route with comfortable huts where food and water are provided. The mountain goats choose the Umbwe Route. This route is known for its gravity and requires an iron will. The most popular route is the Machame, better known as the Whisky Route. This trek lasts 6 or 7 days and is known for its breathtaking views. When it comes to climate zones, it doesn't matter which route you choose. The Marangu, Machame, Rongai, Lemosho and Northern Circuit all migrate through various climate zones to the snow.

Machame Route a.k.a Whisky Route

kilimanjaro lemosho route itinerary route map The Whisky Route? The name is the cooler sibling of the much easier Marangu Route. The Marangu Route is known as the Coca-Cola Route or the Tourist Route. Although the Machame is not technically much more difficult, it is considered to be a bit more challenging. It is the most popular route of today because of of its high success rates and because of the beauty of highlights on trail such as the Shira Plateau, the Lava Tower and the Barranco Wall. Together with the Lemosho Route, Machame is consider the the best Kilimanjaro route. Because the Machame Route is so popular, the rates are also relatively lower. See a detailed example itinerary for the Machame Route here and click here to compare our offers for Machame.

Lemosho Route

kilimanjaro lemosho route itinerary route map

The Lemosho is one of the newer routes on the Kilimanjaro and was built in the days when the mountain started to rise above itself in terms of popularity. In earlier years it was already very busy on routes like the Marangu and the Machame. In order to meet the increasing demand, the authorities have built the Lemosho. When constructing the trails, acclimatisation and elevation was taken into consideration. The Lemosho Route has a high success rate due to longer distances, longer periods on the mountain and fewer altitude differences. The route is also experienced as one of the most beautiful. Although the route can be covered in six days and five nights, it is highly recommended to choose a longer itinerary. In eight days and seven nights you have the greatest chance of success and you can take the peace and quiet when you need it. Looking for a detailed Lemosho itinerary? Click here. For the most affordable options on the Lemosho route, you should go here. Check the below Kilimanjaro map for the Lemosho Route.

Rongai Route

kilimanjaro rongai route itinerary route map

Do you want to climb Mount Kilimanjaro in the rainy season? Choose the Rongai Route. The north side of Kili sees less rainfall and is therefore the first choice outside peak season. Do you want to enjoy the Kilimanjaro in relative peace? The Rongai is again a good choice. Although popularity is increasing each year, the numbers are much lower than on routes such as the Machame and the Marangu. Are you looking for a less technical Kili route? The Rongai is your match. It is one of the routes that you can hike with less experience. The slopes are less steep and are easy to hike. The landscape on the north side is less varied than on the other side of the Kilimanjaro, but for that, you get a unique rugged mountain landscape in return. Wondering what a week on the Rongai route looks like? Click here. Go here to compare our offers for the Rongai Route.

Marangu Route a.k.a. Coca-Cola Route

kilimanjaro marangu route itinerary route map

Sponsored by that famous soft drink brand? No. It is the nickname for the Kilimanjaro route that is also known as the Tourist Route. This is not because there are no tourists on the other routes, but because the route is seen as an easier alternative. It is easier, but it is certainly not easy. There are large differences in altitude per day, which can lead to acclimatization problems for some climbers. In terms of comfort, the Marangu Route does make a difference. If you don't like camping, choose the Coca-Cola Route to Uhuru Peak. The Mandara, Horombo and Kibo Huts are relatively luxuriously equipped. Well, you still bring your own sleeping bag and there is no running water at Kibo, but given you are at Kilimanjaro, there is no reason for complaints. Here you can find a Marangu itinerary but you can also find more information from the different trekking companies that offer the Marangu Route.

The Northern Circuit


The Northern Circuit Route is one of the best routes on the Kilimanjaro. It is highly praised by operators, guides and hikers for its ideal conditions and high success rate. The Northern Circuit Route, the Northern Circuit, is the longest route with 90 kilometres. The route is even 34 kilometres longer than the number two, the Lemosho Route. The beginning of the route is more or less the same as the Lemosho, but you notice the big difference halfway through. There, the Northern Circuit Route surrounds the summit with a northern loop, after which Uhuru Peak is conquered from the east. The result is that you get to see a lot of the Kilimanjaro massif, that you have long days and that there is therefore a lot of time for acclimatization. For this reason, it has a particularly high success rate. The Northern Circuit Route is, therefore, an absolute must. Read a detailed Northern Circuit itinerary here and go check out our offers for the Northern Circuit.

Looking to brush up your Swahili skills? With these useful phrases you can make your trekking adventure even more interesting. Do you want to find out everything about the roof of Africa? Read our long-read blog post about Kilimanjaro and don't miss anything!

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