Lemosho Route

Duration: 7 days
Trails: T2 trails
Distance: 10 - 15 km per day
Ascent per day: 500 - 1000 m ascent per day
> Faster version of the Lemosho Route
> The newest route of Kilimanjaro in 7 days
> Guaranteed departure for every date in the calendar

The Lemosho Route was designed with acclimitization in mind. A gentler ascent allows your body more time to prepare itself for higher altitudes. This brings us to good reason for choosing this route: Success rates are sky high and can really be compared to those of the (much longer) Northern Circuit Route. It is one of the newer routes on the mountain, and although it shares more than half of the route with the Machame, the start is as fresh as can be. It’s also a bit easier on your legs. The part from Londorossi Gate to Mti Mkubwa Camp and basically all the way to the Shira Plateau is rather gentle and less strenuous than the first two stages on the Machame Route. Also, it’s more remote and the trail is, again, fresher.

This version of the Lemosho Route skips one night in one of the two Shira Camps. As with all Bookatrekking. com offers, the 7-day Lemosho route also includes transfers to and from the airport, the guide(s), porters, meals and the most important camping equipment. A detailed list of included services can be found below.

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Moshi – Starting Point – Mti Mkubwa Camp (2,780 m)

Duration: 02:25 h
Distance: 4.7 km
Ascent: 400 m

At the break of dawn, our driver will collect you and transport you to Londorossi Gate (2,250 m), an approximately two-and-a-half-hour drive away. Upon gate registration, you'll ascend along a rugged track that winds through the dense rainforest to your trek's starting point. This moderately steep path guides you through a captivating and pristine natural forest, leading to Mkubwa Camp (2,800 m).

Because this region hosts a variety of wildlife, an armed ranger will accompany you during the initial two days of your journey.

Mti Mkubwa Camp

Mti Mkubwa Camp

Big Tree Camp (2780m) to Shira 2 Camp (3900m)

Duration: 07:45 h
Distance: 15.2 km
Ascent: 1160 m
Descent: 70 m
Today you cover quite some distance as you trek across a plateau of grassy moorland and heather scattered with volcanic rock formations. We will trek through Shira 1 Camp from where there are often stunning views of Kibo Peak floating on the clouds as we head towards our destination, Shira 2. We gain a reasonable amount of altitude as we head towards Shira 1 and parts of the route are fairly steep. As you proceed towards Shira 2 you will get the chance to view the Northern Ice fields from the western side of the mountain with some unusual views of Kibo. Our steady climb across the moorland of the Shira Plateau will help with acclimatization and we enjoy the terrific panoramic views.

Shira 2 Camp

Shira 2 Camp

Shira Camp 2 (3,840m) to Barranco Camp (3,950m) via Lava Tower

Duration: 05:30 h
Distance: 9.6 km
Ascent: 700 m
Descent: 660 m

The Lemosho route converges with the Machame Route as it approaches the molten Lava Tower. The gradual ascent leading to Barranco Camp is adorned with captivating landscapes and adorned with vibrant desert shrubs (a 6-7 hour hike).

Shark’s Tooth, an immense serrated rock formed by a volcanic eruption thousands of years ago, serves as a guidepost, signaling our southward journey across light valleys to the expansive Lava Tower (4,600m). Slowly, delicate specks of snow begin to scatter across the scenery, and as we descend to Barranco Camp, the frosted vistas of the Western Breach come into view.

The ashen Barranco Wall showcases intricate grooves and is graced with olive foliage, creating what is referred to as the 'Breakfast Wall'. Rest up, tomorrow is an exciting day!

Barranco Camp

Barranco Camp
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  • Private transport to and from airport to your hotel

    Your trekking company is able to pick you up from the airport and bring your to your hotel. A transfer back to the airport is also included in the package.

  • Transportation to and from the start/end point

    The transport from your accommodation to the start point is taken care of. This also applies to the way back.

  • Four Season Mountain tents

    On Mount Kilimanjaro you're staying in our strong and well maintained four season mountain tents. Every time you arrive at your camp the tent has already been set up.

  • Double Layered Sleeping Mats

    Double layered mats provided by your trekking company will put you to sleep in no time.

  • Hot meals daily while on the mountain

    Breakfast, lunch and dinner are prepared during the trek. Your trekking company is bringing their own cook. Don't be surprised when you see an exclusive three course dinner on your plate.

  • Treated and filtered water

    During the trek you won't have a shortage on drinking water.

  • Hot water for washing

    Don't expect an extensive shower, but there will be the possibility to use hot water for a decent wash.

  • Altitude Sickness & First Aid Kit

    The guides carry an altitude sickness kit to monitor your pulse rate, oxygen saturation and heart rate twice a day (very useful for monitoring the symptoms of altitude sickness (AMS) at altitude). Also emergency portable oxygen is carried along. On top of that the guides are qualified Wilderness First Responders.

  • KINAPA Rescue Fee

    The fees for the Kilimanjaro Rescue Team are covered. This is managed by KINAPA, Kilimanjaro National Parks. Interesting fact: Kinapa means “We carry each other” in Swahili.

  • Park fee, camping fee, VAT and other taxes

    The park entry fees, the crater fee, camping fee and value added tax are included in the price.

  • Fair salary, food, insurance and accommodation for guide and porter(s)

    The total amount covers not only your own basics, but also those of your guide and porter. No unpleasant surprises.

  • Your own team of porters and guides

    Per person you generally have a team of 1 guide, 1 cook and 8 porters who will support you in your climb. If you are part of a group of four, you will be able to enjoy 2 guides, 1 cook and 12 porters. Although there will always be enough hands on deck, the exact amount of support staff varies per route.


  • Visa for Tanzania

    Visas are required for all visitors, and cost about $50. For most nationalities it is possible to get a visa upon arrival when you arrive at the airport in Tanzania. Check with your local Tanzanian embassy or consulate to see what the requirements are.

  • Flights to and from Moshi

    The total amount is also exclusive of flights to and from Tanzania. To get an idea of which airlines are visiting Kilimanjaro International Airport (KIA), it is best to have a look at their website.

  • Personal expenses

    All personal expenses such as drinks at the bar, washing and other similar expenses are for your own account.

  • Travel Insurance Including Repatriation

    Your international travel insurance is your own responsibility. It is important that your travel insurance also covers adventures at a high altitude. Discuss your itinerary with the insurance company before you travel to Tanzania.

  • Tipping

    Tips for guides and porters are exclusive. You decide what you want to tip, but be generous and read our blog post about tipping when you are planning go trekking in Tanzania.

  • Portable flush toilet

    Portable flush toilet with a toilet tent is available for USD 70 for the entire trek.

  • Accommodation before and after the trek

    Whether you stay in Moshi, Arusha or anywhere else, before and after the trek you have to take care of your own accommodation and meals.


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  • The Barranco Wall on the Lemosho Route

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