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Alta Via del Granito - Classic Trips - 3 days

    Regular days with
  • 10 - 15 km per day
  • 500 - 1000m ascent per day
  • T2 Trails / no difficulty markings
What's Included?
Packing List
How to Book


> Spend the night in cozy Italian Rifugios
> Hike a short, 3-day version of the Alta Via del Granito trek in the Italian Dolomites
> Don't worry about arranging the accommodation, we got that covered!

The Alta Via del Granito, just not any Alta Via. It's the Italian name for High Trail and in Northern Italy and the Dolomites you can find a lot of them. You may have heard or you even may have hiked bestsellers Alta Via 1 and Alta Via 2. You can't get more Dolomites than on those two phenomenal treks. Although geographically part of the Dolomites, the Alta Via del Granito isn't entirely dolomite. Yep, it's a bit more special than that. Why? Lace up your hiking boots, read our blog post, the tips from Ilse, and go discover the granite trails of the Lagorai!
Granite trails indeed, because the Alta Via del Granito plainly means Granite High Route. This is a circular traverse of the unique granite of the Cima d'Asta - Cime di Rava group in the Lagorai chain. Popular with Italians, this well-kept secret follows a network of ancient paths and former military roads, dating back to the First World War, connecting the only two refuges in the group: the hospitable Rifugios Conseria and Caldenave. Looking for a short and spicy hut to hut trek in Italy? Bingo!

Why book with us?
You can do the Alta Via del Granito fully independent and self-guided. However, stringing an itinerary including all the accommodations together can be a complicated undertaking. has warm contacts with all the huts on the Alta Via del Granito and we can take the load of having to book every hut yourself off your shoulders. Let us help you to make your Alta Via del Granito memories stress-free and enjoy free hiking advice from our trekking experts while you're at it. 


What's the Plan?

Etappe 1: Malga Sorgazza - Rifugio Caldenave
From the Malga Sorgazza hut, now a restaurant, take the steep path no. 328 which, passing by the Costa Brunella lake, leads to Forcella Quarazza. From here, continue around the southeast ridge of Cima Trento to Forzelon di Rava. From Forzelon (forcella/passo) a short and recommended diversion climbs to Cimon Rava (2.436 m), which offers a beautiful view of the peaks of the Cresta del Frate. Descend from the summit and continue along path 332 bis with an easy and panoramic traverse over the head of the Val di Rava, arriving at Forcella Ravetta. Now descend sharply, passing under the northern slope of the imposing Cima Caldenave, cross a little forest and come out onto the wide moorland just a few minutes before the Caldenave hut.
Ascent: 1.030 metres
Descent: 680 metres
Distance: 11.7 kilometres

Etappe 2: Rifugio Caldenave - Rifugio Cima d'Asta
From Rifugio Caldenave, descend to the plateau, cross the stream and take path 360, which, passing by the picturesque lakes of Val dell'Inferno, climbs to Forcella delle Buse Todesche. From here, with a pleasant high-altitude walk, continue northwards along path 373, skirting the eastern flank of Cengello and Cima Lasteati. This leads to Forcella Magna, an important pass connecting Val Sorgazza with Alta Val Cia. During the First World War, this pass was served by a carriage road (see the ruins) that allowed the Italians to set up large artillery pieces there. From the pass, descend along path no. 380 until you reach the fork on the right for the Socede Pass at an altitude of 2516 m, marked by some trench remains. From here in 15 minutes, traversing over granite bumps, you arrive at the Refugio Cima d'Asta, also known as Ottone Brentari.
Ascent: 1.050 metres
Descent: 380 metres
Distance: 11.7 kilometres

Etappe 3: Rifugio Cima d'Asta - Malga Sorgazza
From Rifugio Cima d'Asta, descend along characteristic granite slabs to the base of the cable car. Then along the forest road to Malga Sorgazza, completing the loop. From the hut, if you have the time and want to make more of your Alta Via del Granito, we recommend the ascent of Cima d'Asta (2,847 m - 1 h 15' / 370 m difference in altitude), the highest peak in the group and an exceptional panoramic viewpoint.

Ascent: 40 metres
Descent: 1.060 metres
Distance: 9 kilometres

What's Included?


 Booking the huts
We will take care of arranging accommodation for you. We will also provide you with a detailed itinerary for every stage and instructions on how to get to the trailhead. 

√ Accommodation
We will arrange your accommodation on the Alta Via del Granito in mountain huts. There are several options to choose from along the trail. We have selected the mountain huts on our trek based on the length of each stage and recommendations from trekkers who have done the Tour du Mont Blanc before us.

Based on availability in the huts, accommodations can be booked in reverse order. The route will then be hiked in the opposite direction. You will receive detailed information about the route in your hiking guide.

√ Half-board
Accommodation at the huts includes dinner and breakfast. We will arrange this for you as well. This allows you to travel lighter and have one less thing to worry about. Bear in mind that lunch is not included, but it can be purchased at the huts.


× Airfare and Visa
You have to make your way to Malga Sorgazza. The total amount does not include flights to Italy. 

× Transfers
Once in Italy, you will have to make your way to the trailhead in Malga Sorgazza. We will provide the instructions and assist you with how to get there. 

× Accommodation before and after the trek
Before and after the trek you have to take care of your own accommodation.

× Travel Insurance
Your international travel insurance is your own responsibility. Discuss your itinerary with the insurance company before your trek.

× Lunch
Half-board is included in the price of this trek. Lunch, however, is not. You can get something to eat at the mountain huts along the way.

× Personal expenses
Personal expenses such as souvenirs, drinks, and other similar expenses are for your own account.


During your Alta Via del Granito trek, you will spend your nights in the following mountain huts.

Rifugio Caldenave
Rifugio Caldenave is located in a happy and pleasant position on a hillock overlooking the two plains where domestic and wild animals live in harmony. The building was converted from an old, well-restored malga. It has 22 beds in five rooms with communal facilities. The restaurant offers simple, traditional dishes prepared with genuine, locally sourced ingredients. Guido, the manager, will introduce you to the many secrets of the place.

Rifugio Cima d'Asta - O. Brentari
Rifugio Brentari is a comfortable presence just a few minutes from the south wall studded with towers, favourably exposed to the sun. On the south bastion of Cima d'Asta there are some thirty routes that have been opened since 1952. In recent years, the love and passion of the local mountain guides and the mountain hut managers who have taken turns running the hut have increased and revived mountaineering and sporting interest in this area.

Packing List

Packing List

It doesn't matter where you are going trekking or for how long: Carrying the right equipment with you is paramount. For a hiking trip in the mountains, you will need, first and foremost, a good backpack. The size of your backpack will depend on how many days you will be spending in the mountains, the season, and the clothes you will be taking with you. We have prepared a packing list with some essential clothing that you should include and some extras that you may find useful:

- Walking boots (worn in)
- Walking socks
- Base layer tops – ideally thermal
- Mid-layer tops (eg. fleece)
- Trekking Trousers
- Hat for warmth or shade
- Gloves
- Waterproof jacket
- Waterproof trousers
- Warm layer. 
- Casual clothes & footwear for evenings. 
- Nightwear and underwear
- Water bottle
- Sunglasses & sun cream
- Toiletries

- Small first aid kit
- Blister Plasters
- Insect repellent
- Electrical socket adapter
- Camera and charger
- Map and compass 
- Whistle
- Book to read
- Energy snacks
- Walking poles
- Buff



What and Where Is The Alta Via del Granito?
The Alta Via del Granito (Granite High Route) is a 3- or 4-day circular traverse of the unique granite area of the Cima d'Asta - Cime di Rava group in the Northern Italian Lagorai chain, geographically still part of the Dolomites. The Alta Via follows a network of ancient paths and former military roads, dating back to the First World War, connecting the only two refuges in the group. Three days of pleasant trekking amidst stupendous natural landscapes, stark reminders of the Great War, mountain huts and alpine pastures, good evidence of man's ancient pact with nature. In short: The Alta Via del Granito is pretty epic.
On this Alta Via, you can't really mention the Dolomites. Yes, geographically it is part of the Dolomites, but you won't find anydolomite here. Dolomite is the name of the mineral found in the Dolomites by Deodat de Dolomieu, back in 1791. He would not have found this in the Lagorai chain or, more specifically, on the trails of the Alta Via del Granito. Why? Simple, this whole area is granite.

The trek starts and ends at Malga Sorgazza, locally a well-known restaurant at a dead-end road about an hour's drive from the town of Trento. Trento lies in between Bolzano, known for the Alta Via 2 and access point to the peaks of that side of the Dolomites, and Verona, close to Lago di Garda. Malga Sargazzo is also only a 2 hours drive from Venice, which is much shorter than some hikes in the northern Dolomites. This allows you to combine the mountains with the sea and hiking with sightseeing. Surf and turf the Italian Way!

Is The Alta Via del Granito For Me?
Do you like mountains? Are you looking for an epic hiking adventure off the beaten track? Of course, the Alta Via del Granito is for you! If you came here to get that questions answered, we have to have a very good chat. We can imagine you are looking for something different than the outrageously popular Alta Vias further up North. Maybe you came here because they are fully booked. Let's be clear that the Alta Via del Granito is not just an alternative to other treks in this part of the world. This is an epic adventure that is very popular with Italians but hasn't really made it to the mainstream long-distance hiking world yet. That, our friend, allows you to enjoy an unspoilt local rifugio experience.
There you have it, we have spilt the beans. But, if you think that this is just a walk in the park, you are very wrong. Sure, it's only three days and two night, but it is still very much an Alta Via and that means you are constantly at an altitude of around 2,000 metres and you are tackling more than 2,000 vertical metres in those 3 days. The trails are not super technical, but granite is quite a rough mineral, hence it can be pretty gnarly from time to time. Is it worth it? Oh yes.

What Is The Best Season for The Alta Via del Granito?
The season runs from the 20th June to the 20th September, fairly in line with other hut-to-hut treks in the Alps and Dolomites. Although the traverse can be carried out until late September-October. In that case, it will be necessary to carry a tent and sleeping bag or rely on the winter shelters of the huts. At the beginning of summer, depending on how the winter has been, snow may still be found on the trails, especially towards the Cima d'Asta, in which case gaiters are useful. In the height of the summer season, it is essential to book well in advance, and as a simple matter of respect and delicacy towards the needs of others, it is recommended that any non-attendance be cancelled promptly - where possible.

How to Get To and From Malga Sorgazza?
The best starting point for your Alta Via del Granito adventure is Malga Sorgazza, an old rifugio turned restaurant about 1 hour from Trento. As is so often the case with mountain adventures, it takes some time and effort to get to them.

By plane:
If you want to do the Alta Via del Granito, it is easiest to fly to Venice. From here, you would want to rent a car and drive in about two hours to the starting point.
By bus:
You won't get there by bus. A car or taxi is the way to go.
By car:
There is a large free parking space at Malga Sorgazza. Here hikers leave their cars overnight. Seeing this is a relatively short hike, you will (unfortunately) be back at your car before you know it.


What to Do in Case of an Emergency?

A situation is defined as an emergency whenever human life (yours or someone else's) is endangered and there is nothing you can do to resolve the matter. You should call for help if there has been an accident, if there is somebody trapped, if you got lost or in trouble and are unable to continue because of the time of day or weather conditions, or if you are trapped because of technical climbing challenges that exceed your capabilities.

The most important thing to do in an emergency is to stay calm and survey the situation. Do not panic or take useless risks if the people in trouble are difficult to reach. In an emergency, first and foremost, call for assistance. When calling for help, make sure to provide your location and the number of victims and type of injuries. Then, protect the victim from cold and other environmental threats and administer first aid, if you can.
Useful emergency phone numbers:
Mountain Rescue Emergency Number: 118



The Corona pandemic has had its grip on us, and mountain huts in the Alpine region have had to take several preventive measures over the past two years. In the meantime, the first relaxations in the Alps are noticeable, yet it is definitely still a factor to take into account. Some Covid restrictions that are worth mentioning:

- Don't go to the huts if you have symptoms!

- Not all mountain huts are allowed to operate at full capacity yet, so make sure you book your stay in advance.

- To be on the safe side, always take a mouth mask with you.

- In some mountain huts it is still compulsory to bring your own sleeping bag, in others a sheet bag and pillowcase are sufficient. Your personal travel guide will tell you which rules apply to your route.

- Bring your own towel

How to Book

How to Book?

On you can find and compare the adventures of your dreams. Is this trekking your match? In that case, you can proceed with your booking. At you make a deposit of 30% of the total amount. In the case of this trek, we will check the availability at the respective accommodations for you. There are two possible outcomes:

 There is availability 
We go ahead and make all necessary arrangements for your trip. Once confirmed, we will send you a confirmation and your personal hiking guide. The remaining 70% must be paid at least two (2) weeks before the start of the trekking.

X There is no availability 
If there is no availability, we will look for other starting dates or another trekking in agreement with you. Are there no other options for you? Then your deposit of 30% will be refunded.

Cancellation Policy
If all the accommodations of this trekking are booked and confirmed, you will lose your deposit of 30% at all times. If you cancel within 14 days of your start date, you will lose your full booking amount.

Is it not quite clear yet or do you have questions? Please contact us via We are happy to help you.


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