Trollheimen Triangle Route + Snota ascent

Duration: 6 days
Trails: T2 trails
Distance: More than 20 km per day
Ascent per day: 500 - 1000 m ascent per day

> Discover the most beautiful tour of Norway
> Stay in original Norwegian log cabins
> Includes cabin accommodation before and after the trip
> Climb the impressive Snota

Hiking is deeply ingrained in Norwegian culture. Not surprising of course when the country has so many beautiful landscapes and nature to offer. Traditionally, families go out every Sunday for a brisk walk but multi-day hikes are also very popular.

For some hikers Norway's most beautiful hike runs right through Trollheimen National Park. The Trollheimen Triangle route shows you pristine Norwegian nature shaped by two different climates and also introduces you to the local culture. What makes this hut tour truly unique is that you climb the Snota, a mountain peak that sits at an altitude of 1,668 meters.

The long distances and some steep climbs ensure that you will be on the road all day. Especially the last two hiking days will keep you busy for a long time and because of this it is important to start early. In exchange for this commitment, you get unmatchable views and a fantastic experience in return. In short, it is a real challenge not to be missed during your adventure in Norway.



Arrival in Gjevilvasshytta

Velkommen til Norge, or in other words, welcome to Norway. Today you are expected in the Gjevilvasshytta sometime in the afternoon. This way you can quietly do your last shopping in Oppdal and slowly make your way up the mountain. The easiest way to get to the hut is by car, as there is no public transportation option. Make sure you arrive at the hut on time so you don't miss out on dinner.



Gjevilvasshytta - Jøldalshytta

Duration: 07:15 h
Distance: 20.8 km
Ascent: 550 m
Descent: 500 m
After a hearty breakfast at the Gjevilvasshytta, pack your gear early and start the first stage of the Trollheimen Triangle Route. This one starts quietly on relatively easy trails but with varied elevation changes. You walk through a beautiful Fjell Birch forest that characterizes Norway. Fields stretch out beside you as you slowly merge into nature. As you ascend you slowly rise above the tree line where nature changes. Enjoy the surrounding waters and vegetation. Halfway through today's stage you will cross the Minnilla River. This is a great place to take a short break and recharge for the second ascent of the stage. After accomplishing this you continue steadily and slowly find your way back to a lower point. Here you will naturally run into the Jøldalshytta, your overnight spot tonight.



Jøldalshytta - Trollheimshytta

Duration: 07:40 h
Distance: 16.8 km
Ascent: 640 m
Descent: 840 m
Today is a summit hike and this means you only have to ascend and descend strongly once. You start on flat terrain and walk along several rivers. The Litlsvartåa is a branch of one of these rivers and you will see it coming down as a beautiful waterfall. After a little more than 6 kilometers you will be at the foot of the climb; 600 altitude meters spread over 6 kilometers. Slowly you rise above the tree line and the terrain becomes blocky. From the 1,325-meter-high Geithetta NV, enjoy the magnificent views of dozens of surrounding peaks and possibly take a well-deserved break before beginning the steep descent. Arriving back at 550 meters, it's time to swap your hiking boots for your slippers because you have arrived at the Trollheimshytta, the log cabin for tonight.


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  • Booking the huts

    We will take care of arranging accommodation on the Trollheimen Triangle Route for you. We will also provide you with a detailed itinerary for every stage and instructions on how to get to the trailhead.

  • Full travel guide

    We will send you on your way with a digital travel guide that includes a route description for the Trollheimen Triangle Route, interactive hiking maps, and the most important information applicable to your trek

  • Accommodation

    During your Trollheimen Triangle Route, you will spend your nights in mountain huts. In the mountain huts we normally only book dormitories, but we can look into private rooms on request. If the private rooms are fully booked or not available in the hut, we automatically book a bed in dormitories for you. Please note that private rooms are more expensive and there will be an additional charge for this.

  • Full-board

    Accommodation at the huts includes breakfast, lunch, and dinner. We will arrange this for you as well. This allows you to travel lighter and have one less thing to worry about.


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    You have to make your own way to the starting point. The total amount does not include personal transport.

  • Transfers

    Should you need any form of (public) transport on location, this is not part of the trekking package. This includes the use of taxi, bus, cable cars, gondolas etc.

  • Travel Insurance

    Your international travel insurance is your own responsibility. Discuss your itinerary with the insurance company before your trek.

  • Personal expenses

    Personal expenses on such as souvenirs, drinks, and other similar expenses are for your own account.


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