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According to Greek Mythology, Mount Olympus was the home of the 12 Olympian Gods of the ancient Greek world. Gods were to meet at Mount Olympus to decide the fate of the mortals below. The top of the mountain was believed to be shrouded from human eyes by clouds which constantly obscured its peaks. 

Although made famous thanks to the mythology around it, the truth is that Mount Olympus is also well known for its exceptional biodiversity and rich flora. The area surrounding the massif was the first ever National Park in Greece, declared as such in 1938. Climbing Mount Olympus is a great alternative for those looking for hiking tours in Greece but want to get away from the beaches for a bit and enjoy the fresh mountain air.

Get to know the mountains in northern Greece and conquer Mount Olympus. Learn about Greek history and mythology, enjoy the breathtaking mountain landscape, and get to know the local culture. Do you dear venture into the house of the Greek Gods?

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