Hiking in Georgia (5 days) – Trek Georgia

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Despite being quite a small country, Georgia is full of surprises. This country is extremely diverse when it comes to geography. From swimming and sunbathing in the coast of the Black Sea to trekking in the Caucasus Mountains, Georgia has something to suit everyone’s taste.

What a better way to discover this beautiful country and its culture than hiking into the wilderness of the Caucasus? This impressive mountain range, which regulates the country’s climate, is home the some of the world’s best-preserved medieval villages. Trek to remote mountain villages and discover their unique stone towers and churches, and its detailed carvings on the stone.

Trek in Georgia, get to know its customs and traditions, and enjoy  the superb local hospitality and cuisine. From East to West, no matter which part of the Caucasus you choose, the landscape from the trail will leave you speechless. Ready? Let’s trek!



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