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Classic Hiking in West Mongolia

Operated By Travel Buddies

The Mongolian Altais are known for their high snow-capped mountains, glaciers, ancient archaeological sites, and the unique nomadic customs....

7 days
Travel Buddies

Horse Trekking in Orkhon Valley

Operated By Travel Buddies

This tour is a great choice for those who seek adventure in one of the mountain ranges in Mongolia and wilderness trekking. Join us and...

7 days
Travel Buddies

A Journey to Reindeer & Duka Culture

Operated By Travel Buddies

Our journey brings you to the Duka tribe from western Taiga, who will share their way of life and unique culture. Spend your nights with...

7 days
Travel Buddies

Trekking through Orkhon Valley & Suvarga Khairkhan mountain tour

Operated By Ayan Travel

This is a very convenient itinerary for those looking for an easy trek. This trek takes place in the heart of Mongolia, in Arkhangai...

14 days
Ayan Travel

Trekking in Khovd Province - Tsambagarav Mountain tour

Operated By Ayan Travel

The serenity of wild open valleys, snow-capped mountains, and stunning lakes make this journey a real paradise for trekkers and...

17 days
Ayan Travel

Pioneering in Khuvsgul Taiga Wilderness trekking tour

Operated By Ayan Travel

This trek requires a moderate level of trekking ability as it goes through wild areas of the remote Taiga region. The beauty and the...

14 days
Ayan Travel

Camel ride through Desert Wonders tour

Operated By Ayan Travel

Bring yourself into the peaceful silence of the immense desert! Experience its wonders during a 5-day trekking on camelback. This gentle and...

14 days
Ayan Travel

Horse Riding in Legendary Orkhon Valley tour

Operated By Ayan Travel

This horse riding holiday takes you to an inspiring part of the country, letting you gallop freely through the endless horizons of this...

13 days
Ayan Travel

Adventures in Altai Tavan Bogd Mountains tour

Operated By Ayan Travel

This trek is the perfect combination of trekking in the High Altai Mountain and a Horse Riding Adventure. After a fascinating trek, we will....

14 days
Ayan Travel
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Our booking experts


Rintsje Bosch

He already has Toubkal, the Adlerweg, the Stubai Höhenweg, Tour du Mont Blanc, and Kilimanjaro in his pocket. Part of since day one, Rintsje keeps tagging peaks left and right.


Sierd van der Bij

Living in the shadows of Table Mountain, South Africa, Sierd runs up and down mountains before, after and sometimes during work. It took Mount Kilimanjaro to slow down his pace and make him enjoy hiking as well.


Natascha Langelaan

Ireland and all the British Isles. The British and Irish love to go long distances and so does Natascha. From the West Highland Way to the Dingle Way, Natascha has them all. Scandinavia is her next target!


Annemiek Meulenbeld

A is for Annemiek and A is for the Alps. Annemiek is our Alpine Area Manager. Staying in a Hütte or a Refuge this Summer? Fair chance Annemiek was already there before you. Call her for any Alpine adventure.


Tjitske van der Ham

Let’s call her a jack-of-all-mountains. Whether it’s the mountains of Mallorca, the undulating trails (and wines) of Germany or the hut-to-hut tours. You can wake up Tjitske at any moment to do all of it!

Joery Schotanus

Joery Schotanus

Joery loves the far outliers of the Alps, preferably Southeast, toward his favourite peak Triglav. Besides that, he keeps in touch with all our worldwide partners and will help you discover the best-kept high-altitude secrets!

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