Weekly Toubkal Trek (8 days) – Morocco Toubkal Adventure

Find your trekking - Mount Toubkal Summit

Mount Toubkal is with 4.167 meters the highest peak in Northern Africa. The High Atlas doesn’t get any higher than Toubkal and the good thing is that the peak of this legendary mountain is accessible by foot. This makes “Jbel Toubkal” perfect for trekking expeditions. Because the mountain is relatively close to the city of Marrakech, access is easy and trekking tours can be done in a single weekend.

Get to experience the High Atla in all its glory, immerse yourself in the Berber culture and conquer Mount Toubkal. In the village of Imlil a mullet will be waiting for your and show you the way to the most amazing views Northern Africa has to offer. Toubkal can be the cherry on the cake when you are travelling Morocco and you are looking for something extraordinary to do.

Have a look at our offers, discover the Morocco of the Berbers and join us on a trek to the highest peak of the High Atlas. This is Morocco. This is Toubkal!


Mount Toubkal Summit

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