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GR221 - 7-Day Tour Including Accommodation Before and After Trips - 7 days

    Regular days with
  • 10 - 15 km per day
  • 250 - 500m ascent per day
  • T3 Trails
What's included
Packing List
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> Hike part of the Serra Tramuntana in Mallorca
> Spend the nights in refuges
> Complete five stages of the GR221 

We have designed a 7-day trek for you to explore part of the GR221 and experience hiking this beautiful route while staying mainly in cozy refuges. A perfect way to get to know the beautiful island of Mallorca.

In total, the GR221 is a 140-kilometer-long walk in Mallorca, where you explore the Serra Tramuntana on this beautiful island's northwestern part. The route stretches from Port d'Andratx to Pollença and is divided into ten stages of varying lengths, ascending and descending 6,140 and 6,150 metres respectively. The route has no technical difficulties and is suitable for anyone with a decent fitness level. That leaves plenty of time for breaks at the orchards, enjoying the beautiful views from the mountain trails, and a drink on a terrace at the end of the day. You don't have to worry about the logistics of reserving the huts and other accommodations. We'll take care of that for you, so all you have to do is enjoy this unforgettable adventure.

Why book with us?

You can hike the GR221 independently and self-guided. However, stringing an itinerary with all the accommodation together can be complicated. has warm contacts with all accommodations on the GR221 and we can take the load of booking every accommodation yourself off your shoulders. Let us help you to make your GR221 memories stress-free and enjoy free hiking advice from our trekking experts while you're at it.


What's the plan?

Day 1: Arrival in Valldemossa
You arrive in Mallorca the day before the trek starts, this will contribute to a relaxed start of the trip. From Palma de Mallorca it is easy to reach Valldemossa the starting point of the GR221. Under FAQ you can find exactly how to get to Valldemossa.

Accommodation: Hotel

Day 2, Stage 1 - Valldemossa to Deià
A versatile day awaits, through small valleys and olive groves you walk uphill past an old water source and a refugi, also encountering an old snow pit. During this hike, you will partially follow the Camí de s'Arxiduc, a path once built on Archduke Luis Salvador's orders to enable horse-drawn carriages. These days, you'll need your own legs to enjoy the views! Through forests and steep paths, you descend towards Deià, today's endpoint.

Distance: 13.5 kilometres
Duration: 4.5 hours
Ascent: 580 metres
Descent: 870 metres
Accommodation: Refuge

Day 3, Stage 2 - Deià to Sóller
From Deià, you walk along olive groves and cobbled paths. On the way, you overlook bays along the rocky coast. After about seven kilometres, you pass an olive forest with very old trees, a lovely place to take a break and enjoy the scenery. After this, you soon have a view of Port de Sóller and all activity in the bay. Between terraces and olive trees, you continue walking to Sóller, today's destination. This town is pleasantly busy and offers many facilities, from shops to restaurants and bars. A terrace is sure to be found here!

Distance: 13 kilometres
Duration: 4 hours
Ascent: 320 metres
Descent: 470 metres
Accommodation: Hostal

Day 4, Stage 3 - Sóller to Tossal Verds
Today is a stage with contrasts, after leaving Sóller you walk over small bridges and stone paths through a narrow gorge, in between you can take a break to enjoy views of the mountains. The route continues across Coll de l'Ofre, after which you walk towards and past a reservoir. Not many people are here, you will mostly see and hear sheep. For the final stretch the route offers two options, has chosen the slightly longer but easier one. The shorter route is steeper and has a klettersteig. You continue your way along a canal and an aqueduct, all used for the island's water supply. You eventually reach Refugi de Tossals Verds, the finishing point of the day. This is the only place to spend the night in this spot on the route, a contrast compared to the activity in Sóller.

Distance: 20 kilometres
Duration: 6 hours
Ascent: 1,180 metres
Descent: 680 metres
Accommodation: Refuge

Day 5, Stage 4 - Tossal Verds to Lluc
To head towards Lluc, today's stage starts by walking a short distance back from yesterday's route. After the junction, you will gradually hike up to Coll des Prat. Along the way, you pass streams and an old spring, while the trail is varied. You also come across an old snow pit. The views continue to be beautiful. Today's destination is Lluc, towards which you hike through fields of low bushes and olive trees. The distinctive red shade of the soil is still striking. Lluc has a large monastery (Santuari de Lluc), which is worth a visit. In addition, amenities are plentiful in this town.

Distance: 14 kilometres
Duration: 6 hours
Ascent: 830 metres
Descent: 870 metres
Accommodation: Refuge

Day 6, Stage 5 - Lluc to Pollença
The last stage of the route departs from the monastery grounds of Santuari de Lluc, with views of the monastery and an old mill during the first few kilometres. The paths are mostly wide and well-travelled, in the woods you can hear goats bleating as you go. After about six kilometres you will come across the Alzina d'en Pere, an oak tree estimated to be 500 years old! The route takes you further along winding paths and past trees, eventually ending in Pollença via Pont Roma (a 2000-year-old Roman bridge). In this cosy town, you can raise a toast to completing the GR221!

Distance: 19.5 kilometres
Duration: 6 hours
Ascent: 330 metres
Descent: 760 metres
Accommodation: Refuge

*Stage 10 addition - Puig de Maria
A nice addition is to climb the Puig de Maria, a summit located in Pollença. After the climb you will be rewarded with beautiful views, you can also visit the chapel and explore the grounds. Afterwards, you descend back to Pollença using the same route and your tour is truly complete.

Distance: 5.5 kilometres
Duration: 2 hours
Ascent: 275 metres
Descent: 275 metres

Day 7: Departure from Pollença
After your breakfast, your adventure will come to an end and you'll leave Pollença. Today, you can travel back to the airport or another destination in Mallorca.

What's included


√ Booking the huts and other accommodation
We will take care of arranging accommodation for you. We will also provide you with a detailed itinerary for every stage and instructions on how to get to the trailhead. 

√ Accommodation
We will arrange your accommodation on the GR221 in mountain huts (refuges) and hotels. There are several options to choose from along the trail. We have selected the refuges on our trek based on the length of each stage and recommendations from trekkers who have done the GR221 before us.

 Accommodation before and after the trek
Before the trek starts, you will stay in Valldemossa. Staying in this charming town will contribute to a relaxed start of the trip. After the last day of hiking is finished, you will stay in Pollença for the last night to ensure a nice finish of the trip.

√ Overnight stays in Hotels/Hostals including breakfast
Accommodation at the hotels and hostals includes breakfast if possible, keep this in mind. 

√ Overnight stays in Refuges including half-board
Accommodation at the refuges includes dinner and breakfast. We will arrange this for you as well. This allows you to travel lighter and have one less thing to worry about. 


× Airfare and Visa
You have to make your way to the starting point in Valldemossa. The total amount does not include flights to Mallorca. 

× Transfers
Once in Mallorca, you will have to make your way to the starting place in Valledemossa. We will provide the instructions and assist you with how to get there. Transport to Valldemossa is not included.

× Travel Insurance
Your international travel insurance is your own responsibility. Discuss your itinerary with the insurance company before your trek.

× Lunch
Half-board is included if applicable in the price of this trek. Lunch, however, is not. You can get something to eat at the accommodations along the way or in the villages you pass.

× Personal expenses
Personal expenses such as souvenirs, drinks, and other similar expenses are for your own account.



During your trek, you will stay in small mountain villages, where you can find a variety of accommodations. Refuges and hotels are the most common. If you book the GR221, the booked accommodations may differ from the below (day-to-day) program here and there. A beautiful location and great food are at all times guaranteed.

Es Petit Hotel
In the town center of Valldemossa, this charming hotel provides comfortable rooms for a relaxing stay. Due to its central location, restaurants and other amenities are nearby. After breakfast the following morning, it is easy to pick up the GR221 trail again, almost from the front door.

Refugi Can Boi
Located in Deià, this refuge offers everything you need after a day of hiking. A meal, a drink and a place to sleep. Get to know your fellow travelers or enjoy beautiful Deià.

Hostel Sóller
This hostel offers dormitories and private rooms, you can also enjoy breakfast and dinner here. Renovated and with a cozy atmosphere, this is a good place to stay after a day of hiking. Centrally located in Sóller, you can easily pick up the GR221 trail the next morning.

Refugi de Tossals Verds
This secluded refuge is located in the middle of the mountains, a well-earned destination after a long day of walking. Here you can unwind and enjoy nature. Cozy dormitories and hot showers will help you relax and get ready for the day ahead.

Refugi de Son Amer
Located in Lluc, the refuge can be found directly next to the GR221 trail, an ideal location to unwind. Here you can enjoy a good meal and a drink on the terrace.  The dormitories offer a place to recharge and get ready for the last stage of the trek.

Refugi del Pont Romà
Beautifully located near an old Roman bridge, this refuge is a good place to stay. Enjoy your meal here and get some rest in the dormitories. You can also head out to explore Pollença and maybe even climb Puig de Maria.

Packing List

Packing List

It doesn't matter where you are going trekking or for how long. Carrying the right equipment with you is paramount. For the GR221 you will need, first and foremost, a good backpack and comfortable trekking shoes. The size of your backpack will depend on how many days you will be spending on the mountain, the season, and the clothes you will be taking with you. We have prepared a packing list with some essential clothing that you should include and some extras that you may find useful:


- Walking boots (worn in)
- Walking socks
- Base layer tops – ideally thermal
- Mid-layer tops (eg. fleece)
- Trekking Trousers
- Hat for warmth or shade
- Gloves
- Waterproof jacket
- Waterproof trousers
- Warm layer
- Casual clothes & footwear for evenings
- Nightwear and underwear
- Water bottle
- Sunglasses & sun cream
- Toiletries
- Sleeping bag liner

- Small first aid kit
- Blister Plasters
- Insect repellent
- Electrical socket adapter
- Camera and charger
- Map and compass
- Whistle
- Book to read
- Energy snacks
- Walking poles
- Buff
- Sleeping bag



Where is the GR221?
The GR221 is a 140-kilometer-long walk in Mallorca, where you explore the Serra Tramuntana on this beautiful island's northwestern part. The route stretches from Port d'Andratx to Pollença and is divided into ten stages of varying lengths, ascending and descending 6,140 and 6,150 metres respectively. The route has no technical difficulties and is suitable for anyone with a decent fitness level.

Best season for the GR221
Mallorca's climate has hot, dry summers and relatively wet winters. In the summer months, the average temperature is around 30 degrees, though often with a slight breeze. Since Mallorca is an island, the weather can sometimes be unpredictable. A sunny start to the day with a rainy follow-up is possible. Generally, the weather is sunny and warm. therefore recommends hiking the route in spring or autumn and not in July or August. The trails are easily passable then and the weather is not excessively hot.

How do I get to Mallorca?
Mallorca is a tourist island, served by many European airports. The airport is located near Palma de Mallorca. Do you have all the time for your trip? Then you might like to arrive in Mallorca by ferry. Several ferries dock from the Spanish mainland.

Starting point for the GR221 in Valldemossa
From the airport, you can take bus A1 towards the centre of Palma, and get off at Plaça d'Espanya. The Estació Intermodal bus station is located at this square. Take bus 203 (heading towards Port Sóller) from here and get off in Valldemossa, the route's starting point. 

Departing the GR221
The moment you have (hopefully) completed the route and want to travel back from Pollença towards Palma, you can return by bus 301. From Palma, you can continue to the airport or another Mallorca destination. Returning to Palma partly by train is also possible, take a bus to Inca or Sa Pobla and continue from there by train to Palma.



The GR221 is a safe trek and the trail is quite well signposted along the way. Although the route is quite clear throughout the trek, it is important to carry competent navigation with a map and compass. Weather conditions can be unpredictable in the mountains and occasional snow, fog or storms can make navigation hard. A map and compass are a must when going on a self-guided trek. Also, make sure to always have enough water, snacks, and a good jacket.

Should you find yourself in trouble despite your preparation and need help, you can contact the Bombers (they are part of the fire brigade) or the Guarda Civil. Mobile coverage on the island is limited, phone numbers can be found below:

Bombers: 080 or 112
Guarda Civil: 112



The Covid-19 pandemic has had its grip on us, and accommodations around the world have had to take several preventive measures over the past two years. In the meantime, most of the measurements are not taken into consideration anymore, yet it is definitely still a factor to take into account. Some restrictions that are worth mentioning:

- Don't go on your hiking trip if you have symptoms.
- Not all the accommodations are allowed to operate at full capacity yet, so make sure you book your stay in advance.
- Keep your distance and hygiene.
- Use disinfectants and hand sanitizers.

Stay informed about the current rules per country. Make sure you know before you leave which measures you need to take during your stay. The best thing to do is to check the websites of the government.

How to Book

How to Book?

On you can find and compare the adventures of your dreams. Is this trekking your match? In that case, you can proceed with your booking. At you make a deposit of 30% of the total amount. In the case of this trek, we will check the availability at the respective accommodations for you. There are two possible outcomes:

 There is availability 
We go ahead and make all necessary arrangements for your trip. Once confirmed, we will send you a confirmation and your personal hiking guide. The remaining 70% must be paid at least two (2) weeks before the start of the trekking.

X There is no availability 
If there is no availability, we will look for other starting dates or another trekking in agreement with you. Are there no other options for you? Then your deposit of 30% will be refunded.

Cancellation Policy
If all the accommodations of this trekking are booked and confirmed, you will lose your deposit of 30% at all times. If you cancel within 14 days of your start date, you will lose your full booking amount.

Is it not quite clear yet or do you have questions? Please contact us via We are happy to help you.

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