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Full Mullerthal Trail (Route 1, 2 & 3) Trips - 8 days

    Regular days with
  • 10 - 15 km per day
  • 250 - 500m ascent per day
  • T2 Trails / no difficulty markings
What's Included
Packing list
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> Hike through Luxembourg's 'Little Switzerland'
> Accommodation before, during, and after the trek included
> Complete Route 1, Route 2, and Route 3 of the Mullerthal Trail

112 kilometers in 6 stages, it definitely is possible on the Mullerthal Trail. The daily stages will vary between 12 and 25 kilometers. Both the starting and the ending points are in Echternach. In between, you will spend the night in Born, Mullerthal, and Larochette.

The Mullerthal Trail is Luxembourg's gem and a well-cared-for hiking trail. The trail is very well sign-posted, which means the chances of getting lost are very small. The Mullerthal region lives up to its name, Little Switzerland, with its diversity of rock formations in the most diverse shapes. Along the route, you will also find various remains of the times when people still won millstones. You will hike over quiet forest paths, with high rock formations next to you, and climb stone steps that give you fantastic views. In short, the Mullerthal Trail is a treat for anyone who loves being in nature. Are you ready?

Why book with us?

You can do the Mullerthal Trail fully independently and self-guided. However, stringing an itinerary including all the accommodation together can be a complicated undertaking. has warm contacts with the hotels on the Mullerthal Trail and we can take the load of having to book the accommodation yourself off your shoulders. Let us help you to make your Mullerthal Trail memories stress-free and enjoy free hiking advice from our trekking experts while you're at it. 


What's the plan?

Day 1: Arrival in Echternach

Today you will have to make your way to Echternach. In Echternach, you will spend the night at a hotel, preparing for your Mullerthal Trail adventure.

Day 2, Stage 1: Echternach to Born

Today is a good warming-up for the rest of the Mullerthal Trail. The route is relatively flat and immediately gives you a good impression of the area. You will walk parallel to the river Sûre, pass various rock formations in the woods, walk across open fields, and have some spectacular panoramic views. You will also pass the village of Rosport, which is known for its mineral water spring, and the Musée Tudor, which is definitely worth a visit.

Distance: 18.4 kilometers
Walking time: 5 hours
Ascend: 430 meters
Descend: 420 meters

Day 3, Stage 2: Born to Echternach 

The path leads you through the beautiful Déiwelskopp nature reserve. After a steep climb, you will be rewarded with stunning views over the river the Sûre, and in case of good weather, you can even see the Moselle. For the rest of this hiking day, you walk primarily through forests and open meadows, during which you still have some beautiful views of the villages you pass. The Lake of Echternach is the last highlight of this hiking day, just before you arrive at Echternach.

Distance: 22.2 kilometers
Walking time: 6.5 hour
Ascend: 430 meters
Descend: 430 meters

Day 4, Stage 3: Echternach to Mullerthal

Today you start with a steep climb and soon reach a viewpoint, with a fantastic view over Echternach. Today's scenery is already rougher than the past few days, promising good things for the coming days. The path takes you through the forest, to the Wollfesschlucht, a steep rock crevice where wolves used to hide. The trail leads you past Perekop, a large rock that you can climb with the use of ladders. Passing Berdorf, you can take a moment to buy Berdorfer Kéiss, a local specialty.

Distance: 22.2 kilometers
Walking time: 6 hours
Ascend: 380 meters
Descend: 330 meters

Day 5, Stage 4: Mullerthal to Larochette

Today you really are in the heart of Little Switzerland, and the scenery reflects that. You hike through the Mëllerdall Nature & Geopark, where you will find impressive rocks and deep valleys. You pass Kalketuffquell, a limestone spring, where crystal-clear calcareous water flows over a ledge. It is the colors of the water and the rocks that will ensure a beautiful picture.

Distance: 18.2 kilometers
Walking time: 5 hours
Ascend: 340 meters
Descend: 260 meters

Day 6, Stage 5: Larochette to Mullerthal

Leaving the touristy Larochette, the path goes straight up, where you soon have fantastic views over the small village. Today you pass several memorial sites, and also Lavoir Klingelbour, a water pump that is showing how people, back in the days, used to pump water from the stream. The path continues through the woods, and between the trees, you can see the ruins of Beaufort Castle.

Distance: 20.2 kilometers
Walking time: 6 hours
Ascend: 280 meters
Descend: 350 meters

Day 7, Stage 6: Mullerthal to Echternach

Today you pass one of the most famous sculptures of the Mullerthal region, the Schéissendëmpel. This is a small but picturesque waterfall, with a wooden bridge. So a great moment for a group photo. The trail leads you further to one of the region's most spectacular rock crevasses, namely Kuelscheier. The path passes through this narrow and dark crevice, so it is advisable to bring a torch.

Distance: 13.3. kilometers
Walking time: 4 hours
Ascend: 240 meters
Descend: 280 meters

Day 8: Departure

After breakfast, our services and your Mullerthal Trail adventure will be over. Have a safe trip back home!

What's Included


 Booking the hotels
We will take care of arranging accommodation for you. We will also provide you with a detailed itinerary for every stage and instructions on how to get to the trailhead. 

√ Accommodation
We will arrange your accommodation on the Mullerthal Trail in hotels. The accommodation will be in private rooms.

 Accommodation in Echternach
We will arrange the accommodation before and after your Mullerthal Trail trek. Both before and after the trek, you will spend the night at a hotel in Echternach.

√ Baggage Transfer
This trek includes the transfer of your luggage throughout the entire trek. Your bags will be picked up every morning from the hotel lobby and will be driven to your next stop. Baggage transfers allow you to travel lighter during the day and enjoy the walk in a more relaxed manner. Luggage transport is only possible between April and November.

√ Breakfast
Breakfast is, if possible, included in this trek and it will be provided every morning at the hotel before you continue with your Mullerthal Trail adventure.


× Airfare and Visa
You have to make your way to Echternach. The total amount is exclusive of flights to Luxembourg. 

× Transfers
Once in Luxembourg, you will have to make your way to the trailhead in Echternach. We will provide the instructions and assist you with how to get there, but the bus/train tickets are not included. 

× Travel Insurance
Your international travel insurance is your own responsibility. Discuss your itinerary with the insurance company before your trek.

× Lunch and Dinner
Breakfast is, if possible, included in the price of the trek. You can get lunch and dinner at the shops, hotels, and restaurants along the way. Keep in mind, that during your overnight stay in Born, you won't have any restaurants and shops in the near area. It is advisable to bring some food with you, as you can use the kitchen.

× Personal expenses
Personal expenses such as souvenirs, drinks, and other similar expenses are for your own account.



The organization around the Mullerthal Trail has created the label 'Mullerthal Trail Partner' for companies along the route that have specially equipped themselves for the many hikers. For the hotels and B&B's allowed to call themselves 'Mullerthal Trail Partner', it means that they meet the following conditions:

- Short distance from the Mullerthal Trail
- Individual hiking suggestions and travel advice
- Travelling pharmacy (first-aid kit, blister plasters, tweezers)
- Varied, healthy hiker's breakfast (if possible)
- Trays for hiking boots in or in front of rooms
- Facilities for cleaning and drying hiking clothes and equipment
- Short stays, including one-night stays (possible exceptions on public holidays)
- Sale of hiking maps
- Packed lunch to take away (at extra cost)
- Thermos jugs filled with tea or coffee (at extra cost)

Should one of the accommodations listed below not have availability, we will look for a different option of a similar category whenever possible.

Born: Burer Millen, Born Mühle
This is a small bed and breakfast only 20 minutes away from Born. You will have your own private room here, with some shared spaces.

Echternach: Hotel au Vieux Moulin
This hotel is located in a beautiful, peaceful setting, on the edge of the forest in the heart of the Mullerthal region.

Mullerthal: Hotel-Restaurant Le Cigalon
Hotel Restaurant Le Cigalon is surrounded by forests and offers a pleasant stay all year round.

Larochette: Hotel Restaurant op der Bleech
Offering views of the surrounding area, this small hotel is located in the middle of tourist Larochette.

Packing list

Packing List

Luxembourg's weather can be very changeable. Therefore, it is important to bring the right clothes, which will ensure you don't get cold but also prevent you from being too warm. Good walking shoes are a must on the Mullerthal Trail. The many rocks, elevation changes, and forest paths make this not a suitable place for your sneakers. Moreover, should it have rained, it can be very slippery on the paths. Here are some tips for your packing list. 

- Trousers, waterproof, lightweight, and quick-drying
- Shirts for the base layer
- Warm jacket or pullover for the middle layer
- Waterproof jacket
- Warm hat and gloves
- Trekking boots, worn in
- Good quality socks
- Extra footwear for the night
- Map
- Waste bags
- Whistle to summon assistance in case of accidents
- Water bottle containing enough water to take you to your next stop
- Torch (preferably a head-torch) with spare bulb and batteries
- Emergency food and snacks (high-energy snacks such as chocolate, dried fruit, energy bars, etc.)
- Hiking poles 
- First aid kit



What is the best season?
The Mullerthal Trail is accessible all year round. How beautifully green it is in summer, how colorful the Trail will be in autumn.
How do I get to the starting point?
Whereas public transport is free in Luxembourg, it is not too easy to travel to the Mullerthal region by train. From Luxembourg Airport, it takes you approximately an hour to travel to Echternach by bus.
Visit the local tourist office
In every village around the route, you will find tourist offices that are equipped for the hikers of the Mullerthal Trail. They have good hiking suggestions and travel advice can help you with free hiking maps, and have a first aid post. You will also find a tourist office in Echternach and Mullerthal.
Hiking direction of the Mullerthal Trail
The Mullerthal Trail can be hiked in both directions. The Mullerthal Trail is part of the Quality Trails Europe. This certificate from the European Hiking Association means that the trails are extremely well maintained and signposted. It is quite difficult to get lost in the Mullerthal. The Trail is well marked with a white square in which a red M is central. Besides the direction, the distances to the next villages along the trail are also well indicated.



The Mullerthal Trail is perfectly safe. The paths are easy to walk on. However, it is important to pay attention when it has rained, when the paths can be a bit slippery. The paths are very clearly marked with a red M, so getting lost is actually impossible!
Luxembourg's emergency number: 112



The Covid-19 pandemic has had its grip on us, and the accommodations in the UK have had to take several preventive measures over the past two years. In the meantime, most of the measurements are not taken into consideration anymore, yet it is definitely still a factor to take into account. Some restrictions that are worth mentioning:

- Don't go on your hiking trip if you have symptoms.
- Not all the accommodations are allowed to operate at full capacity yet, so make sure you book your stay in advance.
- Keep your distance and hygiene.
- Use disinfectants and hand sanitizers.

Stay informed about the current rules per country. Make sure you know before you leave which measures you need to take during your stay. The best thing to do is to check the websites of the government.

How to Book

How to Book?

On you can find and compare the adventures of your dreams. Is this trekking your match? In that case, you can proceed with your booking. At you make a deposit of 30% of the total amount. In the case of this trek, we will check the availability at the respective accommodations for you. There are two possible outcomes:

 There is availability 
We go ahead and make all necessary arrangements for your trip. Once confirmed, we will send you a confirmation and your personal hiking guide. The remaining 70% must be paid at least two (2) weeks before the start of the trekking.

X There is no availability 
If there is no availability, we will look for other starting dates or another trekking in agreement with you. Are there no other options for you? Then your deposit of 30% will be refunded.

Cancellation Policy
If all the accommodations of this trekking are booked and confirmed, you will lose your deposit of 30% at all times. If you cancel within 14 days of your start date, you will lose your full booking amount.

Is it not quite clear yet or do you have questions? Please contact us via We are happy to help you.

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