Shorter Tre Cime di Lavaredo Trek

Duration: 3 days
Trails: T2 trails
Distance: 0 - 10 km per day
Ascent per day: 250 - 500 m ascent per day

> Shorter option, same vibe
> Most legendary huts of the Dolomites
> Skipping Rifugio Lavaredo

You want to see the Tre Cime di Lavaredo but you don't have the time or legs to do it 4 days? Then do it in 3! On this 3-day trek, you skip the night in Rifugio Lavaredo. On day 2 you have the option to hike straight to the Dreizinnenhütte or to loop around the Tre Cime and take a lunch break in Rifugio Lavaredo. A shorter option but the same vibe!

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Embarking on a self-guided Tre Cime di Lavaredo Hike offers immense freedom and unforgettable experiences. However, organizing the perfect route, securing accommodations, and arranging luggage transport can be a challenging task. That's where comes in. With our extensive network of warm contacts with hut wardens in the Tre Cime di Lavaredo Hike region, we take the burden off your shoulders. Our dedicated Trekking Experts are here to provide you with free travel advice and make the entire process of arranging your Tre Cime di Lavaredo Hike trek a breeze.



Parkplatz Fischleinboden - Zsigmondyhütte (Rifugio Comici)

Duration: 03:20 h
Distance: 5.93 km
Ascent: 710 m

Today is the first day of your hike around the Tre Cime. You start at the Fischleinboden parking lot (Parcheggio Val Fiscalina) and then head towards Hotel Dolomitenhof. Follow marker 102 on the wide trail that you will be following for the next few kilometers. After a few kilometers, you will pass the Talschlusshütte. This hut is almost halfway through the first stage, so this is a good time to have a leisurely lunch or enjoy a cup of coffee. After the short break, continue your journey until you encounter marker 103. Keep following 103 until you reach the endpoint of the first day: the Zsigmondyhütte.



Zsigmondyhütte (Rifugio Comici) - Dreizinnenhütte

Duration: 03:00 h
Distance: 5.18 km
Ascent: 380 m
Descent: 220 m

Today you will come closer to the Tre Cime, the Drei Zinnen. If you want to loop around the Tre Cime, you will want an early start. There is a possibility to hike via Rifugio Lavaredo and do the full loop. This is, however, at least a 6-hour hike. For everyone else, take it easy. You will have all day to hike a 3 hour segment which passes the Drei Zinnen from the Northern side. At Rifugio Pian di Cengia you can stop a break. From it won't be much more than 1.5 hours of hiking to the famous Dreizinnenhütte, or Rifugio Locatelli.



Drei Zinnen Hütte - Parkplatz Fischleinboden

Duration: 03:20 h
Distance: 6.95 km
Descent: 930 m

The last day has arrived. Today's hike begins on trail 102 and descends via a moderately steep path. Along the way, you have a constant view of the Altensteinertal and pass by a beautiful waterfall. At the beginning, the trail is still wide, but you'll notice that it gradually becomes a bit steeper and rockier. After walking along the north wall of the Einserkofel and pine forests, you reach the junction with trail 103. Turn left towards the Talschlusshütte, because if you turn right, you'll end up back at the Zsigmondyhütte. The last part of the hike is familiar, as you also walked along here on the first day. After 4 beautiful stages, you're back at Parkplatz Fischleinboden, and the Tre Cime journey comes to its end.


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