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The Salkantay Trek is a Peruvian classic that approaches Machu Picchu via a different trail. The trek is famous for the Salkantay Pass, which is 4600m high and needs to be crossed. It is not the only highlight on this trek: Llactapata, Llaqtapata in Quecha, is a complex with Incan Ruins. It is a great warming up for reaching the final destination of this trek: Machu Picchu.

It is believed that Llaqtapata has been an important rest stop on the way to Machu Picchu during Incan times as well. A great drawcard for the Salkantay Trek is that, unlike on the Classic Inca Trail, you are not limited by permit regulations. In fact, the Salkantay Trek can be done without a guide.

The Salkantay Trek derives its name from Mount Salkantay or Nevada Salkantay. This is one of the most fascinating and iconic mountains in the Cusco Region. Also, it has the highest peak of Willkapampa Range. If you need any more reasons to hike the Salkantay Trek, then know that Sallqantay is Quechua for ‘Savage’ or ‘Wild’. Are you Sallqantay enough?


Salkantay Trek

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