A Journey to Reindeer & Duka Culture

7 days
T1 trails
Distance: 10 - 15 km / 6 - 9 mi per day
0 - 250 m / 0 - 820 ft ascent per day

> Meet a local reindeer herder family
> Get to know the local customs and traditions
> Enjoy a horseback ride through the forest and mountains

Our journey brings you to the Duka tribe from western Taiga, who will share their way of life and unique culture.

Several decades ago, due to the annexation by the Russian empire, reindeer herder nomads originally called “Duka” from Tuva moved to northern Mongolia, at the end of Siberian forest, surrounded by massive mountains. Ever since, they settled in Taiga and became a minor ethnic group of Mongolia. Duka people move 3 to 4 times a year in search of pasture and suitable weather for their herds of reindeer. They live in teepees (rounded tents) and mostly rely on animal husbandry. The reindeer herders’ tribes consist of only 50 families herding a total of 2000 reindeer and living in the eastern and western parts of Taiga.

Note: the minimum of trekkers for this route is 4. If you are traveling alone, get in touch with our booking experts to join a group!



Fly to Khuvsgul Province, Visit Lake Khuvsgul

This morning, our Travel Buddies guide and driver will pick you up from your accommodation and will head to the domestic airport for a local flight to Murun. Upon arrival, our local driver will pick you up and drive to lake Khuvsgul. This crystal clear lake contains about 1.5% of the world’s freshwater and is surrounded by high mountain chains, thick pine forests, and rich in wildlife. We will walk along the shore of the lake and enjoy the beautiful scenery. We will stay overnight in tourist Ger camp (2 people share a Yurt with single beds, shower/bathroom in a separate building). Accommodation: Tourist Ger camp.

Toursit Ger Camp at Lake Khuvsgul


Drive to Tsagaan Nuur Village through Darkhad Valley

Leaving the lake Khuvsgul, we travel to the Darkhad Valley, home of the Darkhad small ethnic group of Mongolia. The journey will take us over the high mountain pass, Red Taiga, with mountain ranges of 2700m above sea level, and through Siberian pine and larch forests. We will arrive in Tsagaan nuur village after a bumpy ride. Stay overnight in a local guesthouse. Accommodation: Local guesthouse. Distance: 7-8 hours.

Tsagaan Nuur


Horse Riding to Tsaatan - Reindeer Herders

This morning we will pack everything on horse and we will get ready for the 5/6-hour horse ride through the forest and mountains. You will then meet our host family and will settle in your teepee next to them. Accommodation: Nomad family.


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