Thai Mountain Life Eco Trek

Duration: 2 days
Trails: T2 trails
Distance: 10 - 15 km per day
Ascent per day: 250 - 500 m ascent per day

> Trek to Thajeko Mountain
> Trek through mountain rice terraces and village coffee plantations
> Visit a remote Karen hill tribe village and children nursery school
> Trek through the tropical evergreen jungle to Kerjertae Mountain
> Spend your night at an eco-lodge

On this trek, you will have more time trekking and to immerse yourself with nature. We will follow 2 different trails up to the peaks of Thajeko and Kerjertae mountains. These mountains offer remarkable landscapes. You can also experience the magic of having lunch relaxing in the cool mountain mist. At our nature stay you can rest listening to Serder Twin waterfalls. It’s the perfect location to meditate or do yoga. In the evening you can help your guide to cook healthy Thai meals.



Nature Stay

Embark on an invigorating trek to Thajeko Mountain and be enveloped by breathtaking mountain views. As you journey on, you'll traverse through the mountain's rice terraces and the village's coffee plantations. Your expedition will introduce you to the remote Karen hill tribe village where you can interact with the local children at the nursery school. Immerse yourself in untouched nature, discovering two captivating waterfalls along your path. Your adventure culminates with an overnight stay at the serene 'Nature Stay'.

For this 2-day trekking experience, our eco-lodge, situated between two mesmerizing waterfalls on an erstwhile paddy field, will be your sanctuary. Crafted from indigenous bamboo and wood, our lodge stands as a testament to sustainable living and offers a tranquil escape from urban clamor. Upon settling in, our dedicated tour guide will prepare an array of delectable Thai dishes for you. If Thai cuisine piques your curiosity, the guide will gladly share insights about the ingredients, even inviting you to join in the cooking process. A word for the spice enthusiasts - don't hesitate to ask for an extra kick of chilies! Most ingredients, subject to the season, are sourced from our modest organic farm.

Post dinner, relish moments around the campfire, sharing stories with your group and the tour guide. Alternatively, feel free to explore the surroundings of the eco-lodge further. As the night deepens, let the rhythmic cascade of the waterfall and the ambient sounds of nature lull you to a peaceful slumber.

Nature Stay

Nature Stay

Chiang Mai

Your second day dawns with the crisp mountain air filling your lungs, a prelude to the adventures awaiting. As the morning sun stretches across the horizon, a hearty breakfast prepared by your tour guide awaits. With options of locally sourced coffee or tea, you'll be energized for the day ahead. Today’s trek will take you on a 5-6-hour journey. Starting with the tropical evergreen jungle, you'll ascend the Kerjertae Mountain. Along the path, you'll come across the village water buffalo home and a serene mountain pine forest.

Midday calls for a pause, as you savor lunch with panoramic views that truly make the meal special. Your trek then resumes, leading you through rice fields and a local mountain farm, culminating at the summit with unmatched panoramic vistas. When the group is recharged, the path will take you down to the Karen Hill tribe village in Hoikanoon. Here, a vehicle will be awaiting to whisk you back to Chiang Mai, marking a fulfilling end to the day's adventures.


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