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Inca Trail? yes, the Incas built a huge system of trails. So big was it, that Inca Trails can be found in many countries in South America, not only in Peru. El Choro Trek is a trail built by the Incas in pre-Columbian times. This road was used to transport goods and food from the lower subtropical areas to the bigger cities in the mountains.

Along the El Choro trail, trekkers get to visit Inca ruins, some local communities, and to experience the different climate regions of Bolivia. Starting with a dry and cold weather at the top, followed by the cloud forest and ending in a wet, subtropical climate, this road offers its visitors a wide range of changing landscapes.

If you want to experience Bolivia at its best, with its culture and diverse flora and fauna, the El Choro trek is for you. Walk along this ancient path and discover Bolivia! Vamos!

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