Condoriri Massif Trek

Condoriri Massif Trek
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Natascha Langelaan
Natascha Langelaan

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The snow-caped Condoriri Massif is a breathtaking mountain located within the Cordillera Real Mountain Range. Condoriri stands close to La Paz, to the north-east of Huayna Potosi, and goes as high as 5.648 above sea level. Yes, it is not as high as Huayna Potosi, but the views are stunning, and it is a great acclimatization option for those planning to climb its higher neighbour.

Condoriri gets its name because of the shape of its peaks. The name “Condoriri” is in Aimará, a native language of the region, and it means “condor’s head”. When you look at the shape of the mountain, the peaks resemble the head of a condor and its two folded wings.

If you are looking for a good trek in Bolivia, Condoriri is a great alternative to the more famous Huayna Potosi. Get deep into the Cordillera Real and discover this hidden gem. What are you waiting for? Vamos!


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