Manaslu Circuit Trek

Manaslu Circuit Trek
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Natascha Langelaan
Natascha Langelaan

All Our Manaslu Circuit Trek Options

The Manaslu Circuit is a unique of the beaten path trekking experience in the heart of Nepal. It's often said the route is like the Annapurna Circuit 30 years ago. Immerse yourself into the Tibetan culture and stunning nature with massive glacier covered mountains, including the 8163 meter high Mount Manaslu. You can do this trip in as little as 12 days. Check the Manaslu itinerary and cost and join us on this incredibly diverse trekking journey!

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Why Do You Book Your Manaslu Circuit Guided Trek With

In Nepal, we collaborate with one of the premier Manaslu Circuit trekking companies. From your arrival in Kathmandu to the completion of your journey, you'll be taken care of. Our local team has an intimate knowledge of the Manaslu Circuit route, ensuring your stay in top-notch accommodations throughout the tour. Dil, our operations chief in Nepal, sheds light on the intricacies of managing a trek like the Manaslu Circuit. "Our goal is to provide guests with an authentic trekking experience. In response to the development of roads in recent years, we've strategically rerouted the trek to minimize road walking time."

While Spring and Autumn are the peak seasons for the Manaslu Circuit Tour, we operate the trek year-round, even during winter. Dil notes, "Winter presents additional challenges, but our extensive experience in organizing expeditions on high, frigid mountains prepares us well. With the right mindset and equipment, conquering Larkya La in winter is achievable. Our Manaslu Circuit guide ensures your safety and comfort, offering the added bonus of having the trail to yourself!" Connect with us to explore how we can turn your Manaslu Circuit tour into reality.

Why Do You Book Your Manaslu Circuit Guided Trek With Why Do You Book Your Manaslu Circuit Guided Trek With Why Do You Book Your Manaslu Circuit Guided Trek With

How Much Does the Manaslu Trek Cost?

Unlike the Annapurna Circuit, there are less options for completing the Manaslu Circuit, simply because it's more remote and there are no shorter versions possible. We offer one solid option for the route. This comprehensive 12-day package covers meals, accommodations, the trekking permits and conservation fees, and the support of a local crew, all included in the overall cost.

Let's delve deeper into the details.

Manaslu Circuit

Duration: 12 days

Approach: Kathmandu - Machha Khola: Tourist bus

Return: Dharapani - Kathmandu: Tourist bus

Approach: Complete hiking of the entire circuit

Lodging: Basic tea houses during the trek

Inclusions: Guide, porter, all meals, accommodation, transportation, use of down equipment, permits

Cost: starting from €940

An important note to make is that all these Manaslu Circuit trek cost include the salary, food, accommodation and insurance for the guides and porters. This sounds logical but not every company makes these arrangements for their staff on the ground.

Prices of flights to Kathmandu vary, but Tribhuvan International Airport is well-served by some of the Gulf state airlines, such as Emirates Airlines and Qatar Airways. You can find a flight from Europe for less than 800 EUR whereas you may find a deal for around 1000 EUR from the east coast of the USA. Nepal is a very affordable country. A good quality accommodation can be found for less than 50 EUR and eating in local restaurants is generally cheap and very tasty.

How Much Does the Manaslu Trek Cost?

Manaslu Circuit Accommodation

Trekking in Nepal has witnessed a surge in popularity in recent years, leading to the emergence of numerous tea houses along the country's trekking routes. The quality of these tea houses is directly proportional to the popularity of the route. Consequently, the tea houses and lodges along the Manaslu Circuit Trek offer excellent value for money. Anticipate amenities such as flush toilets, hot showers, and in some instances, even wireless internet in the lower regions. Usage of these facilities typically incurs an additional charge. As you ascend beyond 4000 meters, the accommodation becomes somewhat more basic. Nevertheless, your sojourn in the traditional Nepali villages is bound to be a memorable experience.

Contact our Trekking Expert for an in-depth discussion about our Manaslu Circuit options!

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