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Natascha Langelaan has been with since April 2021, just before some of the last travel restrictions were slowly lifted and many people were (re)discovering their passion for nature and off-the-beaten-track adventures. It was the moment rocketed into the sky and dedicated people were much needed. "I joined the team when it started to become really busy", recalls Natascha who joined just before Annemiek also joined.

At the right place, at the right time. This too is important when handling bookings for hundreds of people doing one of the dozens of adventures offered by Six different bookings for the same Italian rifugio in the Dolomites? Making sure it's possible. Luggage transport on the West Highland Way? Which place and what time? No problem.

With extensive experience in booking logistics across every corner of the European continent, Natascha has evolved into a crucial team player, ensuring that everyone can thrive in their unique capacities. Her favourite destination? She yet has to go but she already knows that this will be Iceland. If not there, then definitely Ireland and Scotland, some of her key areas.

Make Things Happen

Partner Connections

With a few thousand hiking accommodations across the continent, it's hard to choose a favourite. For Natascha, it's maybe more about the team and the wardens who manage the hut than about the actual accommodation: "It's the people who make your stay happen. Hikers may not always notice it, but we maintain relationships with each and every accommodation. Over time, a business relationship becomes friendship and that friendship becomes a positive experience for our hikers."

Natascha doesn't have a lot of tips for hikers. "I usually forget to pack a toothbrush. Fortunately, you really can buy these anywhere, even in some huts and hotels." For Natascha, again, it's not the material part, but the experience: "Essentially, everything we do is to help you create memories for a lifetime. Alone, or with your loved ones, on and between the trails. Look around you, immerse yourself, and bring a good book for the moments you are resting your legs."

A good book? "I know it's a bit of a hype, but for me that's the Seven Sisters series by Lucinda Riley."

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