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Why is climbing Kilimanjaro so expensive? If you ended up here after reading our blog post about the cost of climbing Kilimanjaro, then you know that most of the price tag of your Kilimanjaro ascent goes straight to the compulsory fees of Kilimanjaro National Park. In this blog post, we bring you the park fees for Mount Kilimanjaro for 2023.

Last updated in November 2022

Park fees don’t only affect Kilimanjaro National Park. In general, the fees for the national parks in Tanzania are pretty high. For good reason. Conservation is a costly matter and there are 16 national parks with a total area of 42,000 km2 to look after. The first thing you should realize is that paying fees is a good thing. It is at the benefit of what you are climbing and seeing: Mount Kilimanjaro.

Rescue Fees
First up are the rescue fees for Kilimanjaro. Should anything happen, then the KINAPA, Kilimanjaro National Park, will arrange a rescue.The fees for this are 20 USD. Not a bad price considering the fact that this mountain is almost 6,000 meters high.

Conservation Fees
The conservation fee is basically the entry fee for Kilimanjaro, your ticket to the party. This is a daily fee of 70 USD. If you are choosing a 7-day Lemosho or Machame Route, then you can do the math: 7 x 70 USD = 490 USD.
The conservation fees are charged by the park department and go towards, you’ve guessed it, conservation of Kilimanjaro National Park. Apart from the fact that this is the highest fee, it is also the most important one. These fees make sure that Kilimanjaro is looked after.

Camping Fees
On all climbing routesother than the Marangu Route, you will be staying on campsites. Just like the conservation fees, this fee is calculated per person per day/night. The fees are USD 50 / 44 EUR / 40 GBP. If you are doing the 9-day Northern Circuit, you know that 450 USD of your total price goes towards your camping permit.

Hut Fees
On the Marangu Route, you will be staying in huts. These huts need a coat of paint every now and then as well. Although the Marangu Route is a relatively affordable trek, you must know that still, 60 USD / 53 EUR / 48 GBP per night goes towards the huts. This equates to 300 USD for a 5-day Marangu Route.

Crater Fees
It is an interesting experience that comes at an extra cost. For 100 USD / 88 EUR / 80 GBP a night you can stay at Crater Camp. A stay at the Crater Camp is included normally included in the 9-day version of the Lemosho Route.

Guide & Porter Fees
What is also included in the costs of your Kilimanjaro climb is the daily fees for guides and porters. You pay 2 USD / 1,80 EUR / 1,60 GBP per staff member a day.

There are a few exceptions for the above-mentioned park fees. For children, there are some discounts and if you are a citizen (and resident) of Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Burundi, Rwanda or South Sudan you can also enjoy some benefits. There is also some discount applicable to expatriates. Check this document to see what applies to you.

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