Inca Quarry Trail  (4 days) –  Peru Andes Top

Find your trekking - Inca Quarry Trek

The Inca Quarry Trek. If that doesn’t sound like music and you are looking for reasons to choose this alternative Inca Trail Trek over another, then you have come to the right place. No permits, no crowds, access to Machu Picchu and more archeological sites. Why even bother worrying about Classic Inca Trail permits?

In a way it’s no-brainer to do the Inca Quarry Trek or any other alternative for that matter. No queues, easy access to Machu Picchu and fewer chances of meeting your neighbors on the trail.

Trek through amazing scenery, see waterfalls, visit archeological sites and enjoy breathtaking views of stunning valleys. The Inca Quarry Trek gets its name from the Cachicata Quarry. This quarry was the source for many of the rocks that were used to build parts of local Inca Trail system.


Inca Quarry Trek

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