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The Eagle Walk, known in German as the Adlerweg, is one of the most famous treks in Tyrol, Austria. If seen from above, the Adlerweg map resembles the silhouette of an eagle hovering in the air with its wings spread wide open, therefore its name. This famous hike runs from east to west through the whole of Tirol and encompasses 33 stages and 413 kilometers.Unfortunately, we at don't have time for that either. Fortunately, you can hike the most beautiful stages of the Adlerweg easily from Innsbruck. There is no better starting point than the Capital of the Alps for your walking holidays in Austria. In this blog post we take you on the most beautiful Adlerweg routes in the Karwendel! Auf geht's!

Last updated in October 2021

Completing the entire Adlerweg is a life goal for some hikers. Especially for Austrian hikers, tackling the 33 stages is high on the bucket list. Each stage has its own appeal of course and at we know that a few stages stand out head and shoulders above the rest. In this blog post you will find the best options for the Adlerweg which you can also get to easily from Innsbruck.

Looking for the ideal walking holidays in Austria with a start in Innsbruck? Check out our stress-free packages for the Adlerweg here.

The Eagle Walk in Austria - 33 Stages!?

Despite being a 33-day trek, the Adlerweg is actually divided into 2 different routes. In North Tyrol you will find a 24 day trek in East Tyrol a shorter, 9 day, hut trek. The routes are not connected. If you want to do both, you have to travel from the end point to the starting point of the other route. The end point of the Northern Adlerweg is about 280 kilometers from the starting point of the Eastern Adlerweg. With 33 stages, you are easily two months and thus a full season on the road. Fortunately, from Innsbruck, which lies in the middle of the Adlerweg, you have a number of beautiful routes for walking holidays in Austria. Keep reading and you will find more information about these hut-to-hut tours.

When Is the Best Season To Do the Adlerweg?

Like most treks in the region, the Adlerweg can be hiked from mid-June to mid-September. During this time of the year, the chances of finding snow at higher altitudes are lower. However, always look up the weather forecast before starting your trek and be aware that, on the mountains, weather can be unpredictable. At the huts, the staff will also be able to give you some guidance and inform you of the conditions of the trails.

Innsbruck: Capital of the Alps

Ideal starting point for hut-to-hut tours in Tyrol is Innsbruck. No wonder, because Innsbruck is popularly known as the Capital of the Alps. From here you can be in Neustift, the starting point for the Stubaier Höhenweg or Vals for the Peter Habeler Runde, for example, within an hour by public transport or car. For the easiest and perhaps most beautiful blow you can also just stay in Innsbruck. Innsbruck is in the middle of the Adlerweg route and gives direct access on foot to the Karwendel, one of the most famous mountain ranges in Tyrol.

Innsbruck Airport, also known locally as Kranebitten, is the largest international airport in Western Austria. It is close to the city and you can get flights to Innsbruck from all over Europe. There are greener options of course: In cooperation with the ÖBB, the Austrian railroads, you can take the Nightjet from several European cities. This is the comfortable night train that takes you directly to Innsbruck.

Adlerweg Routes - Which Route Is Most Suitable?

33 stages are something that you don't just walk. That is why we have mapped out 2 routes for you where distance, accommodation and accessibility are well matched. Both routes start from Innsbruck, are a great option for a short walking trip and can be booked at

Short Adlerweg From Innsbruck - 3 Stages

If you want to enjoy the beauty of Tyrol for a long weekend, then this short Adlerweg is for you. From Innsbruck you hike via the Pfeishütte and the Halleranger Alm eventually to Scharnitz. From there, it's only a 45-minute train ride back to Innsbruck.

Interested? Check out's packages via the links below:

Short Adlerweg
Short Adlerweg with Accommodation in Innsbruck

The Most Beautiful Part of the Adlerweg, 6 Stages

This 6-day trek is aimed at trekkers who have more free days and want to experience a real hiking adventure in Tyrol. During this trek you start your hike in Innsbruck Tyrol, the classic starting point of the Adlerweg, and end in Maurach am Achensee.

Interested? Check out's packages via the links below:

6 Days of the Most Beautiful Adlerweg Stages
6 Days of the Most Beautiful Adlerweg Stages With Hotel Before and After

How do I get to the starting point of the Adlerweg?

As one of Austria's most important cities, Innsbruck is easily accessible by plane, train or bus. This makes it the ideal base for the Adlerweg. Even if you decide to take the plane, the ride from the airport to the city center takes only 20 minutes by bus or train. After the tour, the journey back to Innsbruck is also very easy. The whole region is well connected by public transport and we have chosen convenient endpoints where you can easily take a bus or train back to the city.

The packages always start and end at public transport-friendly places so that it's easier to get from B back to A. Check out the packages of the Adlerweg here!

Accommodation on the Adlerweg

The accommodation options on the Adlerweg are very varied. On the mountain you can spend the night in mountain huts in shared rooms. Mountain huts usually offer shared accommodation in what they call "Matratzenlager". Bathrooms and showers are also shared. The huts are usually located at strategic points offering great views of the surrounding peaks and valleys. At the end of each stage you can relax and enjoy a hot meal and even a beer. Most huts are on a half-board basis, which means that breakfast and dinner are included. Don't expect too much luxury, after all you are in the middle of the mountains. However, despite being mountain huts and offering shared sleeping space, the huts on the Adlerweg are well equipped and offer a fine level of comfort.

Bookings for the huts on the Adlerweg can be a complicated affair. We are happy to take that burden off your shoulders. Here you can find all our options for the Adlerweg.

Adlerweg and COVID-19

The Adlerweg is a perfect alternative to your overcrowded hotel on the Costa Brava. But of course you will still be staying in huts where you will certainly not be alone. To keep the COVID-19 pandemic under control, according to the Austrian Alpenverein, the following should be taken into account.

- Visit the huts only in a healthy condition
- Bring your own mouth mask (FFP2)
- Reserve your place for the night (no sleeping place without reservation!)
- Overnight only with own sleeping bag and pillow/pillowcase (light down or summer sleeping bag)
- No Alpenverein blankets are issued in the huts

The situation regarding COVID-19 is constantly changing. We at are well aware of the local situation.Need advice? Do not hesitate and contact our trekking experts via this link, we are happy to help you.

Packing List for your Eagle Walk in Tyrol

Packing the right equipment is key for any multi-day trekking adventure in Austria. It doesn't matter if you are trekking on the Stubaier Höhenweg or on the Adlerweg, packing the right equipment can have a great impact on your trekking experience. Below you will find the equipment recommended for the Eagle Walk:

Medium-sized backpack (up to 40 liters gear capacity), including rain cover
Lightweight sleeping bag
Hiking boots
Rain jacket
Rain pants
Two pairs of socks
Two sets of wicking underwear
Two wicking shirts
Insulation long-sleeve jacket (fleece, synthetic, down, merino wool)
Trekking pants
Water bottle/hydration reservoirs
First aid kit
Garbage bag (to carry out trash)
Hat or cap and thin gloves (liners)
Topographic map
Toiletry kit
Quick-dry towel
Snacks (e. g. fruit, energy bars)
Cell phone

Trekking poles
Windproof jacket (e. g. softshell)
Emergency shelter/bivy
Lightweight stuff sacks to keep everything organized
Alpinist Association Membership Card if you are a member
Blister treatments, tape
Bandana or Buff

Food on the Adlerweg

Since all the huts can be stocked relatively easily, you can expect a certain level of comfort in the huts. Meals already come in all forms and you can get most of the drinks that are also available in the valley. So if you thought you could get a Wiener Schnitzel and a Weizen at 2,000 meters above sea level, you're right. The most comfortable way for you and the hut host is to book your accommodation with half board. This way, the host can calculate how much food needs to be brought to the hut and you have the opportunity to have a fresh meal during the hike. The food in the huts on the Aadlerweg consists of typical Austrian and Tyrolean dishes, is nutritious and vegetarians and vegans are also catered for.

Coffee, tea and other beverages can be purchased, but they may also be included in the half board. Most huts have a fully equipped kitchen and this means that you don't have to eat the same meal every day. The meals can be prepared in a variety of ways and as you can see from the photo of the Karwendelhaus above, there is always a glass of beer to be found.

Where to Book My Adlerweg Package?

At, we have put together several packages based on the two routes covered earlier in this blog. Both options are easily accessible and perfect for a hiking vacation without too many logistics. You can find all our options for the Adlerweg here. Still not quite sure? Get in touch with our trekking experts. They will be happy to help you pick the hut tour that suits you.

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