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The Julian Alps is a destination for those who love trekking as much as we do. Slovenia is a fascinating country situated between central and south-eastern Europe. For those who don't know, over half of the country is covered by forest and has mostly mountainous terrain, a dream for every trekking lover. Having a dense river network and one of the most diverse biodiversity in Europe, Slovenia is a great destination for those looking for nature. Discover the Triglav hiking trails and enjoy a true Slovenian adventure by climbing Mount Triglav! In this blog post, we will tell you everything there is to know about Mount Triglav, the summit, its height, the Triglav Via Ferrata, the route, and more!

Last updated in July 2020

Northern Slovenia is dominated by the Alps, more specifically, the Julian Alps. If you are looking for a trekking adventure in Slovenia, this is the place to go. Go hiking in the wonderful Julian Alps and even climb the highest peak in Slovenia, Mt Triglav. Get lost in the magnificent forests and discover emerald blue glacial lakes. Join one of the treks in Slovenia and discover this wonderful country in a whole different way. Enjoy nature and discover some of the most breathtaking landscapes this gorgeous region has to offer. Get your trekking boots on, and check all the offers we have for the Julian Alps here!

What is the best season to go hiking to the Julian Alps and for climbing Mt Triglav?

The best season to visit the Julian Alps is during Spring, April to June, and Autumn, September to December. During these seasons temperatures range between 10 °C and 25°C, which allows you to enjoy the mountain trails without suffering the summer heat or the colder winters. Also, during Spring and Autumn, you avoid the peak season for tourists, which is from July to August.

What is the weather like?

Never underestimate extreme and unpredictable mountain weather. Come prepared for any weather conditions. Keep in mind that you will spend your days high in the mountains. Even in the hottest summer days, the weather in the mountains can change quickly. Thunderstorms are relatively common in July and August. They develop rather quickly but usually build up in the late afternoons and evenings.

Summer weather in the mountains is quite cool; when it’s pushing 30°C on the Slovenian plains, it may be just 10°C above 2000 meters. It often drops below freezing at night, and snow may persist in nooks and crannies throughout the year. Weather on the mountain is highly variable, make sure you are ready.

What should I pack for my hike in the Julian Alps and for climbing Mount Triglav?

Appropriate footwear is an essential part of any hiking tour. There are a variety of models on the market designed to meet the needs of different types of hikers; the challenge is finding the one that works best for your purposes. You will often hike on rocky or uneven terrain that calls for a stiff boot with a higher cuff for ankle protection, for both preventing sprained ankles and blocking stony blows to the side of your foot.

As regards the rest of the packing list for your trek in the Julian Alps, we recommend you to pack light as you would have to hike for several hours a day. We suggest you take comfortable clothes for the hikes and just enough clothes for the days of the trek. Here is a list suggested by one of our partners, Go Trek:

Packing list:

- Boots or shoes suited to the terrain
- Rainwear (jacket and pants in case of bad weather)
- Lightweight fleece or jacket for the summer, warm clothes during the winter
- Water container or proper bottle
- Sun protection: sunglasses, sun-protective clothes and sunscreen
- Personal Shampoo (for specific hair type)
- Pain Killer (headache or stomach ache)
- Personal Care Objects
- Camera for the beautiful memories :)

Enjoying the peace and quiet of nature is one of the pleasures of trekking in the mountains. However, sometimes we need an extra push to keep going. When you feel like giving up, having the right playlist in your bag can help you to get the motivation necessary to reach the top. Here are ourtop picks for your Julian Alps trek playlist. Don't forget to take your headphones and some extra batteries in your backpack!

How fit do I need to be for my Julian Alps and Mount Triglav hike?

The fitter you are, the more you will enjoy the trek. No doubt about that. If you are in good shape, this trek shouldn't be a problem for you. Remember that during these treks in Slovenia you will be walking many hours in the mountains for several days. Although certain parts of a trail may seem easy due to low incline, they do demand a high level of endurance and can be challenging for those, who are not used to longer hikes. The optional climb to the summit of Mt. Triglav is via Ferrata (Italian for “iron way”), which is an extremely steep climb on steel ladders and steel wires and is not recommended for people, who are not in good physical condition or are afraid of heights. The climb is also not recommended for children younger than 15 years and pregnant women.

If you are worried that your trek in the Julian Alps might be too much, you can always train in advance, walking a few hours a day and climbing some stairs. Always remember that the fitter you are, the more you will enjoy your time in the mountains. Being fit is always good both for your physical and mental health, and trekking contributes hugely to keeping your body healthy. Here are some of thehealth benefits that you get from trekking and hiking, in the Julian Alps or anywhere else!

What is the accommodation like while hiking in the Julian Alps?

During your trek in the Julian Alps and Mt. Triglav climb you will stay in mountain huts. Mountain huts are basic, generally with excellent mountain views, hearty cuisine and warm atmosphere. In the mountain huts you will generally sleep in dorm rooms with 5-30 people. There are no showers in the mountain huts (with the exception of Komna mountain hut, which you will pass on day 4). Meals can be ordered in hut's dining room. You can purchase picnic lunch supplies in towns before the tour or purchase lunch from accommodation providers the night before. It is always good to have snacks and energy bars with you, particularly when you are staying in the huts where supplies are limited.

What are the prices of food and drinks at the Huts?

Most meals and drinks in mountain huts have regular prices, but water, soft drinks and beer are more expensive than in the valleys. Here are some examples:

Coffee -2 EUR/ 1,5l bottled water -4,40EUR / Beer -4EUR
Goulash -8EUR / Veggie/meat stew -6 EUR / Sandwich -4,50 EUR

Please note that the huts don't accept credit card payments! Cash only.

Book hikes offered by our local partners in Slovenia on

What are my options to go trekking in the Julian Alps?

Well, there are 2 important things to take into account when evaluating your options for your hike in the Julian Alps. First of all, you have to decide whether you want to go on a self-guided trek or if you prefer to go with a guide. Both options have their advantages. If you go on a self-guided trek, you will get all the logistics figured out for you and you will be able to enjoy the peace and quiet the mountain provides. If, on the other hand, you choose to go with a guide, you will be able to take advantage of the expert knowledge that such a guide can provide. It is up to you which options you find most suitable. If you need help finding the right trek for you,contact our trekking experts, they are always happy to help!

The second issue to take into account is Mount Triglav. Mount Triglav is the highest peak of the Julian Alps and the highest peak of Slovenia. While trekking in the Julian Alps you can choose to go hiking and discovering the majestic glacial lakes along the trails, or you can choose to climb Mount Triglav. Of course, the climb to the summit is more demanding but definitely worth the effort. Here is an example of a 5-day trek in the Julian Alps offered by GoTrek, one of our trekking partners in the Julian Alps:

5-day trekking on the Julian Alps

Day 1: Mountain hut (1511m) – VrŠIc pass (1611m) – Slemenova Špica (1911) – Mountain hut

Transfer from your hotel to our mountain hut at Vršic pas, where we will be staying. The trail starts a few meters away from our mountain hut. Walk up to the Vratca saddle and continue under the north face of Mala Mostrovka to Slemenova Spica peak. From the Slemenova špica Mountain there are fantastic clearings to the Tamar Valley, Slovenian, Italian and Austrian Alps. After a short stop at Slemenova Špica, we descend again on our way to our mountain hut.

Walking time 4 -5 hours – 400 meters of ascent and 400 meters of descent.

Day 2: Mountain hut (1511m) – Bovec (trnjava Kluze 532m) – Mount Rombon (2208m)

After breakfast, we will drive to the starting point of our hiking tour. The starting point in the Soca Valley (Fort Kluze) is a 30-minute drive. From here we will head to Rombon. Along the way we will see the remains of the First World War. The view from Rombon is fantastic and extends from the Julian Alps and all the way to the Adriatic Sea. After finishing, we return to our mountain hut at the Vršic pass.

Total activity time: 8 – 9 hours.
Walking time: 7 hours.
Total climbing: 1670 m ascent, 1670 m descent.

Day 3: Mountain hut (Vršic pas) – Bovec (Soca Trail – Booka Waterfalls) – Mountain hut (Vršic Pas)

After breakfast, we will drive to the starting point of our hiking tour. The starting point in the Soca Valley (near Bovec) is a 45-minute drive. Today’s route is circular and leads us along a beautiful mountain river Soca, which flows along the same name valley (Soca Valley). The lentil river is famous for its color, they call it the Emerald River, its colors and beauty enchant everyone. Due to its color, many visitors claim that the Soca River is one of the most beautiful rivers in Europe.

Total activity time: 6 hours.
Walking time: 4 hours.
Total climbing: 200 m ascent, 200 m descent

Day 4: Mountain hut (Vršic pas) – Lepena Valley (700m) – Krns lake (1391m) – Lepena valley – Mountain hut (Vršic pas)

After breakfast, we will drive to the starting point of our hiking tour. The starting point in the Lepena Valley (near Bovec) is a 45-minute drive. The path leads us From the Lepena valley past the mountain hut and further to Krn Lake. Krn Lake is the largest lake in Slovenia. The lake is 390 m long, 150 m wide and 17.5 m deep. Its area is 59 ha.

Total activity time: 8 hours.
Walking time: 5 hours.
Total climbing: 750 m ascent, 750 m descent

Day 5: Mountain hut (Vršic pas) – Vrata Valley (hut Aljazev dom 1015m) – Ljukna seddle (1758m) – Vrata valley (Hut Aljazev dom) Mountain hut (Vrši? pas)

After breakfast, we will drive to the starting point of our hiking tour. The starting point in the Vrata Valley (hut Aljazev dom) is a 30-minute drive. Our route takes us through the Vrata Valley and on to the Luknja saddle under the Triglav North Face The Vrat valley is a valley below the highest mountain of the Julian Alps, which is also the highest peak in Slovenia. The valley ends with the northern wall of Triglav. The northern Triglav wall is one of the most powerful walls in the Alps. It is particularly impressive due to its width (3 km) and height (around 1000 m). The maximum height difference is about 1200 meters and the average slope is 45 degrees.

Total activity time: 6 hours.
Total climbing: 600 m ascent, 600 m descent.

Mount Triglav: climbing route to the summit

Our trekking partner in Slovenia, Go Trek, offers a 2-day trek to the summit of Mount Triglav, here is their itinerary:

Day 1:

By prior arrangement, I will come looking for you at your hotel and take you to the Krma Valley, where we will start the climb to the top of Mt. Triglav. An easy trail will lead us to the mountain hut Dom na Krederica (2511m), where we have reserved half board. We will spend the night at the mountain hut, where we will enjoy a nice meal and we will reast to gather energies for the next day.

Walking for 4 – 5 hours.
Altitude difference: 1700m.

Day 2:

After breakfast at the mountain hut, head towards the top Mt, Triglav 2864m. the trail to the top is steep and rocky, but with magnificent views. We will most probably find some sections with snow along the way. The guide will help you through the whole trek and assist you if necessary. At the top we will take some time to rest and enjoy the breathtaking views from the top. We will then proceed with the descent. The descent follows the path of the Krma Valley.

The walk is 8 – 9 hours. We will do 450 meters in height and almost 2000m of descent.

If you want to check all the options we offer for your Julain Alps and Mout Triglav Trek, check this page.

Mount Triglav hiking, Via Ferrata

If you want to complete the trek to the summit of Mount Triglav, you should know that there are big sections of the trek that include Via Ferratas. What is a Via Ferrata, you may ask? Well, a Via Ferrata is a mountain pathway that consists of a series of rails, cables, and bridges that lead you from the starting point to the end, walking next to the rock’s face. Such pathways are not recommended for people afraid of heights.

How much does hiking in the Julian Alps cost?

Trekking options in Slovenia range between EUR 250,- / USD 276,- and EUR 840,- / USD 926,- per person. As you can see, there are options for every taste. The prices vary depending on the number of days and on the activities that the trek offers. In general, hikes include all the transfers required during the trek, the accommodation, and the equipment. Some treks include a guide and the meals as well.

Should I tip the Guide after a guided trip on the Julian Alps and climbing Triglav?

If you decided to go on a guided trek through the Julian Alps, you should know that tipping is not a must in Slovenia. However, if you got a good service from your guide and you want to thank him, it will always be much appreciated. How much to tip your guide is up to you. Our recommendation is to tip the tour guide/driver 5 – 6 Euros per day/person as it is an international practice to tip good service.

Where to book your trekking in the Julian Alps and your Mount Triglav climb?

The great thing about the internet is that you can find anything anywhere. The same goes for hiking and trekking providers. However, since there is so much on offer, it can be overwhelming to find a trekking operator of your liking. That is why does the selection for you.

We only join hands with the best hiking and trekking providers we can trust. You can rest assured that the trekking operators on are reliable. Find your perfect hike in the Julian Alps here!

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