Cadini di Misurina: Hike to the Dolomites' Best Viewpoint

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Cadini di Misurina: Hike to the Dolomites' Best Viewpoint
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Cadini di Misurina, it’s as if Instagram was made for it. Every second Reel or TikTik video about the Dolomites will take you straight to this viewpoint. For those who are not into social media, this may be annoying but everyone can see why this dot on the Italian map is popular. Why? Cadini di Misurina is one of the most beautiful places you will ever see.

And you will see Cadini di Misurina. In this blog post, we will tell you more about this epic specimen of nature. We will tell you how to get there when to get there, what to combine with and how to make more of your visit. We will even give you the option to do a mini hut-to-hut trek. The Mountains of Mordor are calling. Andiamo! Let’s go!

What and Where Is the Cadini di Misurina Viewpoint?

Cadini di Misurina is a group of mountains in the Dolomites, in the province of Belluno to be precise. The Cadini group are just north-east of mountaineering mecca Cortina d’Ampezzo and thanks their name to the fact that they’re overlooking Lake Misurina. The highest peak of Cadini di Misurina is Cima Cidan of San Lucano at 2.839 metres. The star of the Cadini show is the viewpoint with the same name, or with the sexier Italian name, breath in, Punto Panoramico dei Cadini di Misurina. And breathe out. Imagine Andrea Bocelli singing it. So yes, Cadini di Misurina viewpoint.

The viewpoint is an absolute rockstar in the world of mountaineering content. It reminds people of the mountains of Mordor from Lord of the Rings. What scrollers on social media don’t realise, is that Cadini di Misurina is fairly accessible. Also, an often overlooked fact, is that it is close to the Tre Cime di Lavaredo, or the Drei Zinnen. If you are doing our Tre Cime Trek, you could make it more interesting by adding an out-and-back quickie from Rifugio Auronzo. Or, you could, do it the other way around: You do an overnight trek including the viewpoint, you stay at one of the nicest rifugios in the Dolomites, and you check out the Tre Cime di Lavaredo the next day on your way out. More about that later.

What and Where Is the Cadini di Misurina Viewpoint?

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What Is So Special About Cadini di Misurina?

Hello? Have you seen the photos and videos yet? Is that not special enough for you? Jokes aside, the Cadini di Misurina viewpoint got a massive spike in interest due to viral content on Instagram. But, there is more to it than just likes and kudos. The hike, starting at Rifugio Auronzo, is short and spicy and allows for a beautiful day out. Tip: You can make it even more rewarding by combining with a visit to the famous Tre Cime di Lavaredo, another symbol of the Dolomites. The hike to the viewpoint and back is only about 3 kilometres, or 1 to 2 hours. If you want to see more of Mordor, you can keep hiking to Rifugio Fonda Savio and make a super interesting circular hike that as a bonus includes Lake Misurina.

Lake Misurina holds an interesting legend. Misurina was a spirited and sometimes mischievous girl, the daughter of the giant King Sorapis. To fulfil Misurina's desire for a magical mirror, her father sought help from the fairy of Monte Cristallo. The fairy agreed to grant the mirror only if King Sorapis transformed into a mountain. Misurina, eager for the mirror, accepted without hesitation. As soon as she took the mirror, King Sorapis turned into a mountain. Overcome with fear, Misurina fell from the mountain, clutching the mirror. The tears shed by King Sorapis formed Lake Misurina, a poignant reminder of the father's sacrifice and the daughter's impulsive act.

What Is So Special About Cadini di Misurina?

When to visit the Cadini di Misurina viewpoint?

Cadini di Misurina is deep in the Dolomites mountains. You can only get there from late Spring until early Autumn. The hiking season in the Dolomites starts late May and ends early October. If you want to combine it with huts, rifugios in Italian, along the way, rather stick to mid-June until mid-September. If you don’t like crowds, then stay away from hiking to the viewpoint in August.

That’s the season. Now what about the time? It is the Dolomites and at we know the attraction of it. Every year, we help thousands of people finding a spot on the busy Alta Via 1, Alta Via 2, and other hikes in the Dolomites. Insiders will know that the early bird catches the worm. If you want to make the most of your time at Cadini di Misurina, arrive early. The toll road to Rifugio Auronzo opens at 7 in the morning. Be there.

When to visit the Cadini di Misurina viewpoint?

How Do I Best Get to the Cadini di Misurina Viewpoint?

The starting point for the easiest hike to Cadini di Misurina is right at Rifugio Auronzo. This is also the starting point for daytrippers who are visiting the Tre Cime di Lavaredo. The popularity of both Tre Cime and the viewpoint have led to a restriction on people being able to reach Rifugio Auronzo. The toll booth controlling the stream of traffic is just north of Lake Misurina. Toll is about 30 EUR per vehicle and the road opens at 07:00 in the morning. Should you be too late, you could consider parking at Lake Misurina and start a hike from there. This will mean a much longer day. Alternatively, you can take the bus. If you have a Südtirol Pass, your bus ticket is usually included.

From Dobiacco/Toblach: From the end of June to early October, bus 444 goes straight to Rifugio Auronzo. Between July 10th and September 10th, tickets have to be booked in advance. This also explains what the busiest weeks are. Yo ucan get your tickets here.

From Cortina d’Ampezzo: You can take bus 30 from Cortina d’Ampezzo. Here you can jump on bus 41 to Rifugo Auronzo. Of course, you can also get on a bus to Dobiacco/Toblach first and then take bus 444 from there.

How Do I Best Get to the Cadini di Misurina Viewpoint?

For Daytrippers: Cadini di Misurina Viewpoint Hike

If you’ve made it to the parking of Rifugio Auronzo, you’re lucky. You will have noticed by now, that the attraction of both Cadini Misurina and Tre Cime di Lavaredo is huge. Leave the coffee and Kaiserschmarrn at Auronzo for after your hike. The early bird catches the worm, so let’s get started. Make sure that you don’t follow the majority of people who have come for Forcella Lavaredo and the Tre Cime. Turn around and make sure that your back is towards Auronzo. Walk across and find path 117 which will lead you to Rifugio Col de Varda via Rifugio Fonda Savio. You are now on the Alta Via 4, one of the famous Alta Vias of the Dolomites.

Make sure you keep a right and don’t take any shortcuts. Soon enough you will see the peaks of the Cadini group, popularly known as Mordor. You will quickly see the viewpoint and this is probably confirmed by seeing more people on their way to it or already there. You will also see that the short section of trail leading to the viewpoint is not the easiest part. Be extremely careful in rainy conditions and don’t even try it if you have a fear of heights. Well done, you’ve made it. Now it’s time for that Kaiserschmarrn. Or a beer.

For Overnighters: Cadini di Misurina Mini-Hut-to-Hut Trek

If you want to make more of your trip to Cadini di Misurina and ensure that you are one of the first in the morning to the viewpoint, you should consider our mini hut-to-hut trek. This also starts at Rifugio Auronzo but the difference is that you approach the viewpoint from a different side, the next day. You first go down to Lake Misuna, hike around the lake and then hike up to the amazing Rifugio Fonda Savio. From here, the next day, you will make it to Cadini di Misurina. Ahead of the crowds. Note: Some previous hiking experience is a plus and you will want to bring a climbing helmet for the Sentiero Bonacossa stretch. And the hut? We make sure Rifugio Fonda Savio is booked and includes breakfast and dinner.

Rifugio Auronzo - Lake Misurina - Rifugio Fonda Savio

Duration: 04:30 h
Distance: 11.4 km
Ascent: 590 m
Descent: 590 m
Where everyone at Rifugio Auronzo is getting ready for their short trek to either the viewpoint of Cadini di Misurina or to Forcella Lavaredo, you are doing exactly the opposite thing and are hiking to Lake Misurina. This lake is known as the Pearl of the Alps and is the largest natural lake in Cadore. Enjoy something to eat at one of the few hotels at the lake and enjoy the views over the turquoise water. Don’t linger because you still need to make your way up the mountain. A gradual easygoing hiking trail will take you away from the lake and bring you to higher ground. The last few kilometres are steep but well-marked and will take you past some of the the peaks of the Cadin group. Great food at Rifugio Fonda Savio awaits you.

Rifugio Fonda Savio

Rifugio Fonda Savio

Rifugio Fonda Savio - Cadini di Misurina - Rifugio Auronzo

Duration: 02:15 h
Distance: 4.5 km
Ascent: 230 m
Descent: 270 m
Daytrippers to Cadini di Misurina can’t make it to Rifugio Auronzo before 7:00. There is no one stopping you from going to the Cadini di Misurina viewpoint even before that time. You can be one of the first ones of the day and even take in the sunrise. But be careful because the trail to the viewpoint is not for the fainthearted. This is the Sentiero Bonacossa, which is categorized as a beginner via ferrata. A climbing helmet is advised. You first drop down on quite a treacherous trail. To get back to altitude, you will zigzag on a technical rocky trail, guided by a steel cable. Eventually, you will see the viewpoint on your right. Well done, you’ve given yourself the ultimate reward for this challenging hike: The most epic viewpoint in the Dolomites. After taking all the photos you can, you can enjoy a somewhat easier hike down to Rifugio Auronzo. Tip: If you have time, take this opportunity to hike to Forcella Lavaredo. Just follow the crowds. It’s worth it!

Not sure yet or want to discuss your plans for the Cadini di Misurina with one of our trekking experts? Get in touch today and turn your dreams into memories!

Where Can I Book the Cadini di Misurina?

At you can book the self-guided Cadini di Misurina and many other treks. We take care of all the details for you, including arranging accommodations and providing you with relevant information well in advance of your trek. Find our offers here. Our easy-to-use platform allows you to browse and compare different trekking options and find the perfect fit for your interests, abilities, and budget.

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