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Hiking in Austria. A hiking holiday in Austria is a great way to relax and enjoy nature. In Austria, there is a wide range of hiking tours of three, four, five, or more days. Almost every federal state like Salzburg and Tyrol has hut tours for beginners and advanced hikers. A hut hike with a child? No problem. Get out of your comfort zone and hike from hut to hut in the Alps in Austria. In this article, you will find the best hiking trails and Hut to Hut tours in Austria together with all the information that you need to know to get ready for your Hiking Holiday in the Alps. Grüß Gott!

Hiking Holiday Austria - What Does a Hut-To-Hut Tour Look Like?

During a hut hike in Austria, you will be walking through the Alps from one mountain hut to the next. The mountain huts are often located in the most beautiful places and always at strategic points that allow you to divide a long route into stages. As you hike from one place to the next, you see much more of the area than you would on day hikes. Actually, some mountain huts cannot be reached in one day.

The nice thing about a hut hiking tour is that one is away from mass tourism. Hut tours often include half-pension, i.e. in the mountain hut where you arrive in the evening a warm meal is waiting for you and breakfast is served the next morning before you continue your adventure. On the way, you will also come across mountain restaurants where you can have lunch, or you can take a packed lunch from the previous hut.

Hiking in Austria for Beginners: Which Hike Should I Do?

In Austria, there are beautiful hikes for both experienced mountain hikers and beginners. Hut tours can generally be divided into four levels, with levels one and two being suitable for beginners.

Level one consists of easy hikes where you can expect good trails. The vertical meters, i.e. ascent and descent, are limited on these hikes. The hikes on the different days therefore often do not last longer than four hours, so that the hike is also suitable for untrained participants. Level two includes mountain hikes that require more vertical meters than is to be expected for level one. The ascent and descent will generally take place at a leisurely pace. With a normal physical condition, you will reach beautiful viewpoints without too much difficulty. We recommend that beginning hut hikers choose a hike of 3 to 4 days with not too many meters of altitude difference, whereby the hiking hours should not exceed five hours.

Hiking With Children in Austria - Which Hut-To-Hut Trek Should We Choose?

Yes, it is possible to take a child on a hut-to-hut hike. Of course, it varies according to age how comfortable it is. If it is still possible to carry the child, e.g. up to an age of about 1.5 years, it is often still possible to carry the child in a back carrier. In the huts, it is often nice and warm, well organized, and sometimes there is the possibility to get a cot. Attention: always ask in advance if it is available.

In some huts, there are only shared rooms, which are less suitable for families with small children.

For children from 5-6 years old, there are some nice huts to choose from. For a hut tour with children under 10 years old, we recommend a maximum of 3.5 hours per day. Then you can always treat yourself to some peace and quiet, for example at a lake on the route. There are many tours that mainly lead through meadows so that nobody runs the risk of having to overcome abysses or other kinds of steep paths.

Best Hiking Trails in Austria: Hut-To-Hut Hiking in Tyrol

Stubaier Höhenweg

The Stubaier Höhenweg is known for its diversity. From lovely, almost flat alpine meadows, the 7-day tour also leads past pointed peaks with steep paths. With a total of 8670 meters in altitude, it is a tough hike. The hike is not technically difficult, but you should not be afraid of heights. There are steep paths that are accompanied by steel cables. From a scenic point of view, you can see glaciers and steep peaks along the way. The trail is often not open until mid-June, as there may be snow on the trail before that month. The huts are often fully booked, so it is a must to book in advance, especially if you are traveling with several people. Read more about the Stubaier Höhenweg here and find our offers there.


The Adlerweg consists of a total of 31 stages through Tyrol. This allows you to combine and choose which routes and stages you want to walk. The route runs through the Northern Limestone Alps and consists of a few steep and rugged mountain peaks. On average you walk about 6 hours a day with 800 meters of altitude difference. On the Adlerweg you will not only find alpine pastures but certainly also steep and narrow paths, often secured with a steel rope. The hut tour is strenuous and trekkers with fear of heights should think twice before choosing this trail. Find offers here!

Venediger- Lasörling Höhenweg

The Venice-Lasörling Höhenweg is one of the toughest hut tours that you can find in Tyrol, perhaps even in the whole of Austria. It is a 9-day tour through high alpine territory. More than half of the route lies between 2,000 and 3,000 meters above sea level. Because of the altitude, you have to expect snow on the route all year round. Most routes do not open until the end of June and close in September. This route is known for its many wild animals, and there is a good chance of encountering ibex, chamois, and/or marmots on the route.

Hiking in Styria

Styria, or Steiermark in German, is the province in the south of Austria that borders with Slovenia. This region is known for its high mountains, fantastic views, and difficult hut tours.

Tauern Höhenweg

Styria is best known for the Tauernhöhenweg or Schladminger Tauern. It is a hut-to-hut hike that reaches high altitudes, the highest peak being the Hochgolling at 2,862 meters. The tour starts in Schladming and is usually hiked in five days (four nights). Almost every day you walk for about 6 to 7 hours. The shortest day is in the middle of the route and is "only" 680 meters in altitude, the other stages all have about 1000 meters in altitude.

Hiking in Salzburg

Dachstein Hüttentour

The state of Salzburg, also known as Salzburgerland, is known for its beautiful mountain lakes, streams, and alpine pastures. Together with the huts, the mountains form a beautiful backdrop for a hut hike. In the Abtenau region, there is a six-day hut tour with a duration of between 3.5 and 6 hours per day of active hiking. On the very first day you arrive at the Rettenegg hut, a hut where you sleep above the cows and where they produce their own cheese. This hike is difficult on average but with only the last day really having many meters of altitude (1950 meters). A fantastic experience for someone with an average fitness level.

Find all our offers for walking holidays in Austria here and let us help you book your huts.

Trekking in Austria - Hut to Hut Tours in Vorarlberg

The Blue Silvretta

The Silvretta is known for its numerous high peaks and is located in the south of Austria and the north of Switzerland. It is also known as the "Blue Silvretta", this name was given to it because of the many glaciers. A hut tour starting in Galtür is very popular here. It is a route of 7 days and six nights. The hike is feasible for people with a "normal condition". The average altitude of the route is a little more than 1000 meters.

How Much Does Hut Hiking in Austria Cost?

The prices for a hut tour vary depending on the duration and type of accommodation. It is possible to do a hut tour on foot from just € 250. The price can be up to € 1000,- for the longer hut hikes with full board. Of course, you must then include your transport to the starting point.

Austria Hut to Hut Hiking - Is It Possible to Hike in Austria Alone?

It is certainly possible to make an individual hut tour. It is often much easier to find a place to sleep in the huts as an individual person, in the shared rooms there is often a bed left that could be used. A hut tour is often done alone, also by the Austrians themselves. In the huts, one meets with other hikers, so that one does not have to spend the evenings alone.

Don't worry about booking your huts. Let us do that for you! Check our offers for Austria.

How Hard Is a Hiking Tour in Austria?

How exhausting a hiking holiday in Austria is, depends completely on which hut tour one chooses. What one has to pay special attention to are the meters in altitude that a trip bridges. It is not so much about the total number of kilometers one covers, the meters in altitude are what makes it difficult. In most hut tours, it is often stated how difficult / how trained one has to be in order to complete them. By the way, most of the hut tours can be done without training, but with normal fitness levels.

The Weather During Your Hut to Hut Hiking in Austria

The most important rule for hut tours and hikes in the Alps or other high mountains is that the weather changes much faster in areas above 2,000 meters and that different climatic conditions prevail there than at the altitudes where we normally travel. When planning a hut hike and mountain hikes, weather forecasts must always be taken into account. Even in summer, when the temperature in the valley is more than 30 degrees, it can snow in the high mountains. The reason for this is that the temperature can drop by 5-6 degrees for every 1000 meters of altitude. Since cold air can also store less moisture, it rains or snows more often in the high mountains than in the lowlands. In the high mountains, a thunderstorm can be particularly dangerous. In principle, the probability of thunderstorms increases in the afternoon, and the weather can change very quickly due to the altitude.

One recognizes a possible thunderstorm by weather lights or small cumulus clouds that pile up more and more. Also, a strong decrease of the air pressure is a sure sign of an upcoming thunderstorm. During thunderstorms, you must always avoid the via ferrata and other metal objects. Find shelter in a hollow or under a rock ledge as soon as possible. Good protection from the sun is nevertheless essential. The tree line in the Alps runs at an altitude of 1,800 to 2,200 meters - above this, you are exposed to the burning sun, which is always strong in the high mountains.

Packing List for Your Hut-To-Hut Tour in the Alps

It doesn't really matter where in the Alps you are. Switzerland, Germany, France, Austria, or Liechtenstein. Your comfort is an important factor if you want to get the most out of your multi-day hike. Blisters, clothes that won't dry, lack of thermal underwear, or a sleeping bag that is not warm enough. Once you are in the mountains, the wardrobe is very far away. An unforgettable hut tour starts with packing the basic equipment.

Hiking boots
Long walking pants
Merino shirt, long sleeve
Fleece pullover or fleece jacket
Raincoat / Hard Shell
Functional underwear
Hiking socks
Sleeping bag

Several days
T-shirt and underwear
Extra socks
Spare hiking pants / short hiking pants (zip-off is ideal)
Rain trousers
Cap and/or Buff/Bandana
Sunglasses (glacier goggles may be required for tours at higher altitudes)
Insulating jacket
Walking sticks
Backpack with plenty of storage space (at least 30-40 litres, depending on the length of the tour) - Attention: an oversized backpack will tempt you to carry too much luggage!
Rain cover for the backpack

Navigation and tools
Topographic map
GPS device or GPS clock
Batteries and chargers
Charged mobile phone
Charging cable

Overnight stay
Hut shoes, flip-flops or outdoor sandals
Foil bags
Comfortable sweatpants or similar
Dry socks
Laundry bag with toothbrush, toothpaste, small soap/shower gel, Lip Balm
Articles for personal use such as medicines
Travel towel (small)
Small biodegradable travel detergent

Drinking bottle or camel bag (min. 1.5 litres)
Snacks in a suitable lunch box
Energy Bar
Catering based on personal experience
Garbage bag
Pocket knife
First aid kit
Aluminium emergency rescue blanket
Sun cream

Of course, it is also important to have all the important documents with you. Passport, identity card, and/or membership card of the Alpine Club.

Hiking Austria - How Do I Prepare Myself Physically for a Hut Tour?

A hut tour can be done by anyone with a normal fitness level. However, if you want to get the most out of your hut tour, it is advisable to prepare yourself physically. You don't have the Alps right on your doorstep, so you need to be creative when it comes to your preparation. For proper preparation, there are five things to consider.

Cardio: It is best to start moving as soon as you make up your mind about your hike in the Alps. With the right aerobic fitness, you will have a better heart rate, healthy muscles, and a large lung capacity. Running, walking, more hiking, and cycling or swimming are excellent training options. One hour, three to four times a week is sufficient.

Endurance training: Building up an endurance condition is also important. The best thing you can do is to cover long distances on foot, at least once a week. If you can walk comfortably for a long time, you are ready.

Train with equipment: Use the backpack and shoes you plan to use for your hut tour and add this to your training while you work on your cardio and endurance training.

Altitude: If you can, you can imitate the altitude by walking and hiking in the hills and mountains. If you do not live in the right area, do not panic. The first two points are most important.

Know your body: This is perhaps the most important part. If you are questioning your physical abilities, it is advisable to have your doctor examine you. There is no fixed method for preparing for your hut hike. The preparation may depend on the duration, the environment, and what you want to achieve. Not everyone is a mountain goat. Do not think too much about your preparation. Take it easy and enjoy your time in the mountains.

Where Can I Book My Hut-To-Hut Hike in Austria?

It can be quite a hustle to arrange the accommodation for the huts in Austria, and that is where we come in. If you need help booking the accommodation for your hut-to-hut treks in Austria, we can give you a hand. Our trekking experts can book the huts for you so that you can prepare for your hiking holiday in Austria without stress. Just contact our trekking experts, let them know what you would like to do and when, and get ready for your hut-to-hut trek! Here you can find all our offers forhiking in Austria.

If you have any questions about hiking in Austria, pleasecontact our trekking experts. They will be happy to help you!

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